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Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor - Exercising Caution

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor Betting: Exercising Caution

By Loot, Boxing Handicapper,

Looking back at boxing bets we made that didn't work out, the reason always seems to come back to one source. More often than not, we lose because we got so enamored with the storyline in our own head that we forgot to take into account the other side. Boxing is a sport that elicits very strong opinions. People become married to their beliefs and how they might be looking at a particular fight. When we do that, things can and often do get sideways.

An even-handed approach is needed. We need to be able to acknowledge the true strength of the other side, while facing up to some weaknesses that might exist on our side of the wager. If at the end of that, we think the chances of our side winning surpass the odds the bookmaker is posting, then we make the bet. If we start thinking the other side has "no chance" or that we just have some magic insight that somehow no one else is privy to, that's a good way to know you might not be on the right track.

In this piece, we will list reasons to be wary on both sides of the bet. Granted, Mayweather is the prohibitive favorite and for good reason. And you hear people, even some who are fairly knowledgeable, saying Conor McGregor has "no shot." You see other people making it like it's a slam-dunk for McGregor. Regardless of your position, it can never hurt to at least ponder the possible downside to the position you're taking. Take a look at why caution should be exercised on both sides of the aisle.

Case against Floyd Mayweather:

At the age of 40, there are no sure things. There have been fighters who shined at 40 and beyond, but it was never a foregone conclusion that they would do so.

Accustomed to facing fighters who operate in a boxing-only framework, Mayweather will be facing a fighter who is at the very least outside the box. There is an X-factor at play.

Having retired and out of action for two years, it's possible that he turned off the pilot light and it can be hard to re-ignite that once a fighter mentally commits to hanging 'em up.

Taking on a fighter that has fought as high as 170 pounds, the size discrepancy could pose some issues for Floyd, who is taking on one of the largest foes of his career, if not the largest.

In a sport where even the biggest legends always seem to push the envelope one too many times, is it possible Mayweather is falling prey to the same type of dynamic?

Floyd could get sold on the pro-Mayweather storyline and underestimate McGregor just enough to narrow the gap. He hasn't overlooked anyone before, but he's never faced a fighter making his pro debut.

Case against Conor McGregor:

The notion that first time boxing pros don't beat all-time greats isn't altogether misguided.

His menace with his hands has been proven against fighters who are not schooled like pro boxers when it comes to taking and rolling with punches.

His power has been shown with 4 ounce gloves, which are more than twice as small as the gloves he will be using when he takes on Mayweather.

While some say Mayweather's lack of power will allow more of a window for success for McGregor, Mayweather has gone the distance with a lot of fighters who never get knocked out. His lack of power is set to a different context than what this fight provides.

He is unable to call on any experience whatsoever in a boxing sense when things get critical.

Fighting in a ring could throw him off, just as some fighters have had difficulty transitioning to an octagon.

While McGregor's lip service indicates otherwise, his last few years in the octagon and his willingness to pursue and accept this fight shows that perhaps he's more motivated by dollars than winning.

His star shines brighter as a celebrity than it does in terms of actual merit.

If some of the best boxers, the most talented and longtime championship fighters, couldn't beat Mayweather, what will McGregor be able to call on to get the job done?

With Mayweather moving quickly all over the ring, the sheer speed of Mayweather's pace could have McGregor looking as if he is in quicksand. He's never fought anyone with close to the foot-speed and movement of Mayweather.

Wearing shoes makes a big difference in fighting and that's Mayweather's game.

Despite an offense that could potentially translate to boxing, it might be hard for it to translate in its infancy against the best defensive fighter of the generation.


Having not been geared to depend only on his upper-body, he hasn't developed the head positioning and movement that is associated with top boxers like Mayweather. Sometimes, his head sticks straight up in the air.

Boxing is a sport built on nuance. Without the requisite preparation for this fight, McGregor is bankrupt in this area.

He will be weighing less than he has in quite a while. Mayweather can comfortably make the weight.

He is facing a legend, while solely banking on his left hand doing damage. Other than that, he is at a disadvantage at every turn. Did you know... that you could be wagering on the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight at discounted odds? There's a better than good chance that you're laying inflated odds with your book. Stop overpaying TODAY by making the switch to 5Dimes Sportsbook! You will be so glad that you did!

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