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Mayweather vs. McGregor - Betting on a Knockout

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor: Betting on a Knockout

By Loot, Boxing Handicapper,

When fights as big as Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor occur, the betting landscape can be quite vast. The rule of thumb in bouts like this is that if your mind can conceive it, chances are the bookie is offering it. The opinions on fights like this cover the whole gamut and the betting is designed to accommodate that. In other words, if you have a good feeling this fight will end by a knockout, there's a lot of different ways for you to wager on that.

Betting on a KO for Mayweather-McGregor ranges from very general to very specific. You can simply bet that the fight will be decided on a knockout. You don't even need to pick which fighter will score the knockout. Then you have other bets where you not only have to pick which fighter will be victorious, but also the exact round in which the KO will be scored! So the range is pretty vast.

We will now break down all the different "knockout bets" you can make on the Mayweather-McGregor fight. Listing the odds for each and every single wager, especially with the numbers still moving frantically, would be difficult. But we'll let you know generally what you stand to gain with each wager.

Fight Will End by KO: In this bet, you are merely attempting to determine whether the fight will end in a KO or not. The odds are in the -265 range, meaning that this fight ending via the KO route is favored, with better odds being offered on if the fight will go the distance.

A Particular Fighter Will Win by KO: A little more specific, in this bet you are picking that the fight ends in a KO with it specified which fighter will win. As of now, the odds for McGregor winning by KO are better than +700. As the resounding favorite, the odds on Mayweather winning by KO are just -182.

Round Ranges: In this bet, you have to hone in on a period of the fight where the KO will occur. You are given a range of rounds, typically in the form of a 3 or 4-round window or even in 6-round segments, as in the first or second half of the fight. And you can bet if the fight will end in that round range—both generally and with a certain fighter winning. And for this bet, you can just bet when the fight will end or when a specific fighter will score a KO win. The odds adjust accordingly with the odds on McGregor naturally much higher.

Specific Round: This is the toughest one to nail of all the KO bets. You have to pick the exact round. This works for just the fight itself or for each of the fighters. The odds, again, are a lot better for McGregor, being that he's the underdog. Specific round knockout bets for McGregor range in the 75 to 115-to-1 range. The same bets for Floyd are more in the 10 to 25-to-1 range.

Note about Knockouts: What is considered a KO in boxing betting is more-encompassing than some people think. Naturally, a KO can occur when a referee tolls a 10-count over a fallen fighter. But for boxing betting purposes, a KO will be scored in the event of a TKO, a corner retirement in the middle of the round, a DQ, or if a fighter remains on his stool instead of coming out for the next round. Other than a fight ended prematurely due to an accidental foul that goes to the cards for a technical decision or some other bizarre set of circumstances, any result that ends the fight inside the distance is scored as a KO for boxing betting purposes.

Is a Knockout a Realistic Possibility?

On one hand, it's the favored outcome. And the reasons behind that are pretty solid. If McGregor were able to pull off the improbable, it would figure that the KO route is the most-reasonable path to a win for him. For Floyd, knockout wins have become less and less his calling card as he has moved up in weight and gotten older. A KO puncher of note at 130 and 135 pounds, he has scored precious few knockouts in recent years. Then again, those were against veteran championship fighters. Against a debuting professional boxer, one wonders if McGregor has the stamina, wherewithal, and overall skills to negotiate 36 minutes of fighting in a setting that is pretty foreign to him.


By the same token, there is good value to be had for those who think a knockout will not occur. For Conor, it's hard to imagine for some and rightfully so that he would somehow manage to do what so many great boxers were unable to do—KO the great Mayweather. Though hit solid on occasion, Mayweather basically went his entire career not getting KO'd or even really coming close to it. And other than a strange KO win over Victor Ortiz where Ortiz was off-focus, Mayweather's last knockout was ten years ago against Ricky Hatton. So it's not like he's been a bankable KO hitter himself in recent years. In other words, as is the case with most aspects of this fight, a good argument can be made on both sides.

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