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The Pros and Cons of the Mayweather vs. McGregor Fight

The Pros and Cons of the Mayweather vs. McGregor Super Fight

By Loot, Boxing Handicapper,

The Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor fight is upon us, scheduled for August 26 from Las Vegas. It will be a boxing match and a 12-rounder. Mayweather is now 40 years old and will looking for his 50th straight win since turning pro over 20 years ago. McGregor, who will be 29 by fight-night, is a two-division UFC champion at featherweight and lightweight. Since rising up the ranks in MMA's top organization, he has become the biggest PPV star in the sport.

This fight will be built up with substantial trash-talk from both sides. Neither participant has been known to be shy at press conferences or interviews, especially when it comes to slinging mud on the opponent. The press coverage of Floyd vs. Conor will be insane. And partially as a result, this is a fight that will stir up massive debate, while generating millions of pay-per-view buys and a sellout in an arena where the ticket prices look more like prices for a used car.

There's a definite gimmick angle to it, as well. There have been big fights in boxing and MMA, but none so far involving a participant from each sport battling it out. It's almost like Usain Bolt racing a zebra or even reminiscent of the Battle of the Sexes with Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. It's an unusual event. Let's take a look at the pros and cons of the fight, as it relates to both Money Mayweather and his opponent Conor McGregor. We will also discuss the possible affect of this fight on both sports—boxing and MMA.

Pros for Floyd Mayweather: On the surface, Mayweather stands to gain a few things here. First of all, he gets back in the spotlight. They can fire up that training camp at the Mayweather Gym in Vegas and Floyd likes that. Fighters, even retired ones, like to rekindle the flame for one more go. Plus, he gets to pocket an enormous payday against a fighter who is making his professional boxing debut. And we're talking major money—well in excess of a $100M. He will be better than a double-digit favorite. It's not like he's a 40-year old trying to win a fight not many think he can win. A lot of people see this as being his easiest fight since becoming a world class fighter all those years ago. It might not be the best way to go to 50-0 from an authenticity point-of-view, but it's still a high-reward/low-risk route for Mayweather to be Money again.

Cons for Floyd Mayweather: If he loses, it takes away his unbeaten record, which is really his calling card for greatness, in addition to his sterling resume. This matchup makes Floyd again look like the guy who never takes on the most-compelling opponent. Rather than looking for the winner of the upcoming GGG-Canelo fight, he's singling out an MMA fighter in his first pro fight. It's not the best look, but then again, he's coming out of retirement so any Mayweather appearance at this point is sort of a bonus. It's still a bit unbecoming for a 49-0 legend to be taking on a debuting fighter—for whatever that's worth.

Pros for Conor McGregor: Anytime an MMA fighter gets to have a taste of big money boxing, it's only right that he gives it a go. Without knowing exactly what his bottom-line is in the UFC as far as take-home pay, it's at least possible that he'll be making more for this fight than he would have made his entire MMA career—past and future. And in terms of pressure, it would seem to be on his opponent. After all, McGregor is making his pro debut and is a gigantic underdog. While some fans and those betting on Conor are expecting big things, the worldwide view is that his chances of winning are negligible. And while he is neglecting his MMA career, being in a fight with this much hype will only increase his profile and star-power. And if he won, forget about it. He might be the biggest star in sports and it turns his upcoming fights into bigger events where he makes even more money.

Cons for Conor McGregor: He has lost before and still remained a star, his first fight with Nate Diaz coming into mind. But if he is made to look foolish against Mayweather, it doesn't do any wonders for his alpha-male image. There are obvious drawbacks to being money-motivated as it pertains to someone's overall fighting career. If he loses, yes, he will have a gigantic payday to soothe his ego. But then what happens to Conor McGregor the fighter? How can he go back into the octagon at full strength physically and mentally if he loses? The purse will be a fraction of what he will make in this fight. It's just that it's unclear where McGregor turns from here if he loses.

Pros for the Sport of Boxing: On one hand, it's good for the sport of boxing whenever the sport occupies a high spot in the world of sports. The hype and talk about this fight will be huge. The sport of boxing used to be national news. Over the decades, it's become more of a niche-sport. For those of us who love the sport, it's nice to see what the sport is capable of when it's put front-and-center in the public's attention.

Cons for the Sport of Boxing: On the other hand, it would be nice that when the sport of boxing is getting all this attention, that it actually produces a good fight. The only recent fights to get this much attention was also Mayweather fights—namely his bouts with Pacquiao and De La Hoya. And more people might have been turned off with those fights lacking anything substantial in the entertainment department. It's just not good for the sport when these limited opportunities to bring fans to boxing are accompanied with what amounts to garbage fights. Also, while we don't care much about the thoughts of the loonies on the net, a McGregor win just gives ammo to all those people to further condemn the sport.


Pros for the Sport of MMA: This is not an easy one to quantify. From a financial point-of-view, it allows the UFC to get some bread in their coffers after the $4B sale in what has been a slow year in the UFC up to this point. And while there have certainly been huge stars in the UFC, none has been in a PPV that gets this many buys where a fighter is making this much money. In a way, it's a victory for the still-young sport to have one of their own participating in such a big event.

Cons for the Sport of MMA: This is a little easier to see, being that the top star in the organization is out of action for a prolonged time. With this fight in August, McGregor will not fight in the cage this calendar year. He has now put the freeze on the featherweight and lightweight divisions where he has won the championship. Deserving contenders are not being given a chance to see their careers blossom, while McGregor pursues more-lucrative options. The UFC has seen some of their stars fade—with the fall of Ronda Rousey, the troubles with Jon Jones, and so forth. Not having their biggest and only remaining superstar in the octagon fighting in the UFC has obvious drawbacks to the sport. In addition, making over $100M has a way of not making Conor that eager to jump back into the cage against a killer for a mere fraction of that. We will just have to wait and see how it all shakes out. Tired of your credit card not working for sportsbook deposit? End that problem today and bet the Mayweather vs. McGregor fight by signing up at Bovada Sportsbook where your credit card WILL work and where you'll receive a generous 100% sign-up bonus!

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