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Do You Understand College Football Betting?

College Football Betting Quiz: Do You Understand College Football Betting?

By Loot, NCAA Football Handicapper,

College football is a key part of the sports betting world. Every year, droves of bettors line up at the betting windows and flood online servers--all trying to hit it big in college football betting. But how many of those bettors really know their stuff? Naturally, when you involve yourself in any endeavor where money is on the line, it is imperative to know as much as you can.

The range of overall betting knowledge among bettors can be wide-ranging. Where do you fit into the equation? Take the following quiz and see if you have attained expert-status or if you still have some work to do. And even if you miss some questions, don't worry. There is nothing in college football that you can't pick up quickly.

1. When betting a college football team on the money line, what must happen for you to win the bet?

A. The team must win in regulation, with no overtime.

B. The team must cover the point spread.

C. The team must win the game and be ahead after each quarter.

D. The team must win the game.

2. Assuming all these bets are made in the month of September, which of the following would not be an example of a college football "futures" bet?

A. Betting on which team will win the national championship.

B. Betting on which team will score the most points this upcoming Saturday.

C. Betting on which player will win the Heisman Trophy.

D. Betting on which team will be the SEC champion.

3. If you made a 4-team/10-point teaser, what would happen to the point-spread of the teams you picked?

A. They would all be moved 10 points each in your favor.

B. They would be moved a combined 10 points in your favor.

C. They would all be moved 10 points each against you.

D. They would be moved a combined ten points against you.

4. On average in college football, the scores are ______ and the point spreads are ______than they are in the NFL.

A. lower, smaller

B. lower, bigger

C. higher, smaller

D. higher, bigger

5. A bettor of college football is considered a professional if he wins what percentage of bets over the long-haul?

A. 55-60%

B. 65-70%

C. 75-80%

D. over 80%


6. Which of the following is something a professional bettor might not know?

A. What causes lines to move.

B. Key injuries in the game he is betting.

C. Who a team's backup tailback is.

D. What a money line bet is.

7. Which of the following games would a professional bettor be less likely to bet on?

A. The Super Bowl

B. The Pro Bowl

C. Preseason games

D. The first game of the season.

8. If looking to win $3000 on a three-team parlay using teams against-the-spread, how much would you need to bet?

A. $500

B. $600

C. $700

D. $800

9. If planning on making a lot of college football wagers, which bonus given by an online sportsbook would be considered more valuable?

A. Betting at reduced juice of -105.

B. Free $50 bet.

C. 10% signup bonus up to $500.

D. Free monthly withdrawals.

10. You want to make a 2-team/6-point teaser with Alabama at -28.5 and Colorado at +8.5. What would the adjusted point spreads be?

A. Alabama -34.5/Colorado +14.5

B. Alabama -22.5/Colorado +2.5

C. Alabama -22.5/Colorado +14.5

D. Alabama -34.5/Colorado +2.5


1. D
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. A
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. A
10. C


10/10: Expert status
8-9: You know your stuff.
6-7: You've obviously spent some time in a sportsbook.
4-5: You know a few things, but could use a short crash-course.
3 or Less: You could use some work, but total comprehension is just over the horizon.

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