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MLB Betting Strategy

MLB Betting Strategy: The Best/Worst Time to Wager

By Loot, Major League Baseball Handicapper,

We know ourselves best. When we feel good, when we feel bad, and everything in between. If we go under the pretense that baseball wagering done at the top level is an exercise that requires a certain mental acuity, then we see there are better times to bet than others. We don’t always feel the same and we know it. Admitting it can be a problem.

We’ve all had times where we tried making wagers and noted to ourselves that we are not in peak form. It happens. Some days, you never fully wake up. You’re just not hitting on all cylinders for whatever reason. While able to work, go to the store, and generally give the impression that you’re fine, you know better. Realizing that you need to be ultra-sharp to beat the bookie, this takes on a lot of importance.

If you don’t feel sharp, stay away from wagering--simple as that. There is no rule saying you have to bet. We know when these times are. Sometimes, our head is cooking--every thought is gold. Other times, we can’t think our way out of a paper bag. We forget where we put the keys down 15 seconds ago. Perhaps you’re fatigued, maybe you’re just down for some reason, or you could have a vitamin deficiency. It doesn’t matter. Don’t force it.

The same applies to mood. We don’t have to be skipping down the street whistling to be in the right mindset for baseball wagering. That doesn’t mean you should have a big argument with your wife then sit down and try to pick games. In addition, you should never give anyone additional grief because they screwed up your vibe or concentration. No one in this world is going to walk on eggshells for a guy betting on baseball as if he’s working on a cure for a disease or something.

There are many things that pop up during the day that can throw our mood for a loop, not just domestic squabbling. It can just be a bunch of little things. Maybe something that on another say wouldn’t even get a reaction. What’s important is that when we take on an endeavor like baseball wagering, we need to have as clean a mental slate as possible.


If we’re irritated or annoyed, that could contaminate our outlook. A red-faced gambler is a gambler that much closer to parting with his money. Being angry or in the midst of an argument with someone just never seems to give way to good picks. Therefore, avoid crowbarring betting into moments where you are being thrown for a loop.

You may also become annoyed from actual betting. Sometimes, losing becomes like a piece of dog turd on your shoe. You wipe it off and it’s still there. You try to hose it from in-between the treads. But the odor is still there lingering. Just put it outside and let it air out for a few days. In other words, if you find your blood heating up even slightly after an unfortunate run, there is nothing wrong about putting it down for a while.

There are also situations in life where baseball wagering should be the last thing on your mind--both good and bad. We go through certain periods where we need to step away from regular life for a moment or two. There’s family health concerns, taking your kid to visit colleges, remodeling a house, going through marital issues, having a kid, taking a vacation, relatives are in town, you’re on a business trip, you’re water-skiing with friends for the weekend at the lake--it can be anything.

Find normal patches in your life to focus more on baseball wagering. While it might not seem like it sometimes, most of life occurs on that flatline, with little ups-and-downs. There might be distractions and other concerns, but they’re manageable. You feel good and that you are operating pretty close to the peak of your mental powers. Then, maybe you have a chance to beat the guys who are in business and thriving year-after-year, the book.

As betting men, we need to realize life isn’t always going to furnish us with the perfect wagering conditions. Not that we require a perfect setting, but we know when it’s a good time and when it’s not. If there is a crew of 8 men tearing apart the house working or our beloved aunt is in town driving us crazy, it’s probably not the best time to try to beat the bookie.

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