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Betting Goals

MLB Betting: Our Goal as Bettors

By Loot, MLB Handicapper,

It is important that before a person begins betting on baseball that he establishes realistic and tangible goals. Otherwise, things will happen during the course of wagering that will be more difficult to manage mentally. Baseball betting forces us to adopt certain standards and practices that are more important to have than in other sports.

There is a randomness to baseball results that we need to fathom. As sports handicappers, we are supposed to be able to at least theoretically hold an edge in any event where the results are something more than random. In baseball, the results can possess a randomness not found in, for example, football or boxing.

There are 162 games per season. That lends itself to less order and control. The difference between the best and worst team is narrower than in any other team sport. That means we can only feel so confident in our bets. There are no “locks” in baseball betting or anything close. This forces us to have a different attitude when betting baseball.

We can’t enter the world of baseball wagering thinking we’re going to kill it. Some people can’t handle the idea of losing. But in baseball wagering, losing is going to happen. And it’s going to happen a lot. That’s something we all need to wrap our heads around. The best teams lose 60 games. The worst teams win 60 games. And most of it is in between. That lends itself to somewhat chaotic results.

When betting on the New England Patriots at home against the worst team in the conference, you can have a feeling of certainty that you will never find in Major League Baseball. Last year’s World Series Champions can be at home against the worst team in the league and lose pretty easily. It’s no big deal.

Therefore, a more reasonable approach is preferable. We know we will lose wagers and probably a lot of them. At the end of the day, we simply hope we can win more than we lose. It’s a small edge, but over time we can multiply it into significant money. But patience is required as we inch our way up the mountain of baseball wagering.

The odds vary from game to game, so we aren’t too worried about our won-loss record. We just want to keep our bankroll increasing steadily. It might seem boring to some, but boring is good. We make the same-sized bets and hope to edge out ahead. Some weeks are up, some are down. We keep our eye on the overall picture, knowing that success or failure is not something that can be proven in weeks or even months. It takes years--season after season.

Some weeks our bankroll might be down, but we don’t get worried. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. There is no 100-yard stretch of the marathon that we worry about too much. In other words, we don’t get thrown off-center on the basis of a bad day or week. It’s like a pro golfer who bogeys the first hole on Thursday. He knows there are 71 other holes and what happened on one hole isn’t likely to make him or break him.

That’s how we have to look at it. We bet a small portion of our bankroll on each game. Over the course of a week, we never bet more than 20-25% of our total roll. We make multiple bets during that time. Chances are, you won’t lose all of them. So even of you lost 8 of 10 wagers over the course of several days, it isn’t a crippling setback. We can easily bounce back with a series of good days.

The same applies to winning. We might be hot, but we design our wagering so that the results are neither resoundingly good or bad. It’s all done within a sensible range. The idea is that OVER TIME, our edges will show profit. And when losing, we enable ourselves to absorb the setbacks, being that we are not risking a big portion of our bankroll.

In any event, picture yourself as a train going uphill, steadily gaining progress. It may seem to be painfully slow, but those inches add up quickly over time. And if the train loses power, we know it won’t slide all the way back down the mountain. This is how winning is done in baseball wagering. It may not seem glamorous, but steady progress is what we want at the end of the day.

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