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Welcome to Loot's best online sportsbooks page where he breaks down which bookies are the most beneficial to bet with. Not all sports betting sites are created equal! There's big money on the line here which means that you need to do your homework to assure that you're getting the best bang for your buck! Now let's move on to Loot's recommended list!

Best Betting Odds: 5Dimes

Having 5Dimes in your sports betting arsenal is a no-brainer. If you went to the store and there were two products on the shelf that were exactly the same and one was priced at $110 and the other was $105, which would you buy? The cheaper one of course! So why the hell would you keep wagering on games at -110 odds when you could be laying only -105? This doesn't sound like earth shattering news but whe you break it down you'll see that you're kissing a ton of cash goodbye if you're not betting at reduced odds. (aka: reduced juice)

Here's a short example that will make your head spin:

Let's say that you bet 2 games a day at $110 to win $100. This results in 60 bets per month (30 days x 2 bets/day = 60 bets). Your total risked amount would be $220/day x 30 days in the month, which equals $6600.

Now let's see what your risked amount would have been had you been laying -105 odds on those games: $210/day x 30 days = $6300.

As you can see, you saved $300 by betting at reduced odds!

Now let's multiply that by 12 months in a year. 12 months x $300/month in savings = $3600. Making the switch to -105 reduced juice betting will save you THREE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS a year!

I don't know about you, but I've been betting since 1998. That's well over a decade. A guy saves over $36,000 over a ten year period by making the very same wagers with the only difference being that he's playing at 5Dimes instead of his current bookie. Enough said!

Best Parlay Odds: Sportbet

We're not a big fan of parlays as these bets are very risky. Needless to say, we could toot that horn until we're blue in the face and guys are still going to play them. If you're a gambler who likes to put down a little bit of loot with hopes of a big payout, you need to be getting the best parlay payouts on the web. You need every single edge/advantage that you can get when betting parlays, because they're tough to beat long term unless you're super sharp. Let's take a look at a set of regular parlay odds vs. the highest parlay odds online at Sportbet: (Sportbet's increased odds in bold)

2 Teamer: 2.6/1 vs. 2.74/1
3 Team: 6/1 vs. 6.24/1
4 Team: 10/1 vs 13.01/1
5 Teamer: 20/1 vs. 26.1/1
6 Team: 40/1 vs. 51.42/1
7 Team: 75/1 vs. 100/1
8 Team: 100/1 vs. 195/1
9 Team: 150/1 vs. 378/1
10 Team: 300/1 vs. 733/1
11 Team: 450/1 vs. 1419/1
12 Team: 600/1 vs. 2747/1
13 Team: 750/1 vs. 5315/1
14 Team: 900/1 vs. 10284/1
15 Team: 1500/1 vs. 19896/1

10 team parlays are very popular on NFL weekends. Your bookie pays you $3000 if you win a $10 parlay. Sportbet pays you $7330 for the very same winning ticket!

Best Teaser Odds: 5Dimes Casino and Sportsbook

Best at Accepting Credit Cards for Deposits: Bovada Sportsbook (+ 50% real cash bonus!)

Best Signup Bonus: GTBets (100% up to $500!) Honorable Mention: BetOnline - Offers a 50% free play bonus up to $2500 in free bets!

Best Site to Bet on Sports and Play Poker: Bovada (+ 50% sign-up bonus!)

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