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Welcome to Lootmeister's free NBA picks page! Here you'll find free daily predictions against the spread along with articles offering betting tips, strategy and advice to help you beat your bookie! Bookmark this page and check back daily for more winners!

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YTD: 82-59 +11.90 UNITS

4/16/19: I don't care for any of tonight's point spreads but will be taking a small position on the Toronot Raptors money line at -688 to win one unit. I believe Orlando has no chance of winning tonight in Toronto.

4/15/19: Neither of today's games offer any wagering value so we're taking a pass.

4/14/19: Portland Trailblazers on the money line at -165 (won 104-99)

4/13/19: Brooklyn Nets +7.5 (won 111-102).

4/11/19: No games scheduled. Playoffs picks posted SOON!

4/10/19: Brooklyn Nets money line -230. (Won 113-94) Nets need to win this game BAD and Heat should have no motivation at all after getting knocked out of the playoffs last night AND having to hit the road for a back to back.

4/9/19: Miami Heat on the money line at -210 (Won 122-99).

4/8/19: No games scheduled.

4/7/19: Memphis Grizzlies -1 (lost 127-129).

4/6/19: Brooklyn Nets +6.5. (Won 133-128)Nets playing for their playoff lives and Bucks already locked in and no motivation to win. Their motivation is to stay healthy, which could result in limited minutes by key players.

4/5/19: Memphis Grizzlies +5 (straight up winner 122-112)

4/3/19: L.A. Clippers +1 (lost 103-135)).

4/2/19: Golden State Warriors -8.5 (won 116-102)

4/1/19: Orlando Magic +7 (lost 109-121) and Cleveland Cavaliers +2 (lost 113-122).

3/31/19: Washington Wizards +10.5 (won 95-90)

3/30/19: Detroit Pistons on the money line at -225 (won 99-90)

3/29/19: Atlanta Hawks +2.5 (lost 98-118)

3/28/19: Orlando Magic +3.5 (lost 98-115)).

3/27/19: No value; Passing.

3/26/19: Passed.

3/25/19: Orlando Magic +2 (won 119-98) Get this one quick, as I expect the line to drop as gametime nears!

3/24/19: Passed.

3/23/19: Minnesota Timberwolves -1 (won 112-99).

3/22/19: Orlando Magic on the money line at -450 (won 123-119).

3/21/19: I couldn't find any edges so am going to pass. Also, many NBA players will not be 100% focused on tonight's games as March Madness is going on. Lots of questionable/unpredictable things happen in NBA games during first weekend of the college tournament.

3/20/19: Cleveland Cavaliers +9.5 (winner 107-102).

3/19/19: Minnesota Timberwolves +6.5 (lost 107-117).

3/18/19: New York Knicks +11.5 (lost 92-128).

3/17/19: Charlotte Hornets +3 (lost 75-93).

3/16/19: How the hell do the Heat lose up 25 points ATS at the half? Lazy dumbasses! I like the Spurs today on the money line at -135. Good luck!

3/15/19: Miami Heat +5. (Lost 98-113)

3/14/19: Indiana Pacers -1 (Won 108-106)

3/13/19: Houston Rockets -3.5 (lost 104-106). Golden State has scored 96 points or less in 5 of the last 7 games Kevin Durant has missed. The Rockets are playing good ball, including tough defense in which they've only allowed opponents to shoot 41% from the field over their past 5 games. Lastly, Houstonn has won all three matchups in the series this season.

3/12/19: Lots of garbage games tonight with no real wagering value so we're forced to take a pass.

3/11/19: Detroit Pistons +2.5 (got blown out 75-103)

3/10/19: Miami Heat money line -110 (lost 104-125), Atlanta Hawks money line -120 (winner 128-116), Memphis Grizzlies +1 (105-97 victory), San Antonio Spurs money line -125 (winner winner chicken dinner 121-114).

3/9/19: Charlotte Hornets +12 (lost 131-114). The Bucks haven't covered a 12 point spread vs. the Hornets in the last 12 matchups. Milwaukee is set to hit the road to San Antonio tomorrow too, so even if the Bucks do get out to a big lead, there's great backdoor cover potential here as Milwaukee will likely limit starter's minutes.

3/8/19: Los Angeles Clippers on the money line at -140 (won 118-110). OKC coming off emotional overtime win and then having to take a flight to Los Angeles and Clippers not having played since the 4th are good stuff. LAC has been playing well as of late too..

3/7/19: Oklahoma City Thunder +3.5 (Won 129-121). Great spot for OKC here as the Blazers come into this one off a 12 day road trip in which they played 7 games. For those not aware, teams often come out flat in their first game off a long road trip. Especially with only one day of rest. Player comes home, is jetlagged, wife drains his energy in bed because she hasn't seen him in two weeks. It's also worth noting that OKC has played Portland TOUGH this season. Not only do I expect OKC to cover, I think they win here, so will have a small lunch money bet on the OKC money line at +145 as well..

3/6/19: Chicago Bulls +4.5 (Won 108-107).

3/5/19: Orlando Magic +4.5. Bet this one quick as I anticipate the line dropping! (lost 106-114)

3/4/19: San Antonio Spurs -1 (Won 104-103)

3/3/19: Passed.

3/2/19: Orlando Magic +3 (winner 117-112).

3/1/19: Chicago Bulls +2.5 (won 168-161).

2/28/19: Denver Nuggets on the money line -290 (lost 104-111).

2/27/19: Atlanta Hawks +5 (won 131-123), Portland Trailblazers +2.5 (won 97-92), Detroit Pistons +4.5 ***3 UNIT BEST BET ALERT*** (lost 93-105), Chicago Bulls +3 (won 109-107).

2/26/19: Toronto Raptors on the money line at -165. The home team has been victorious in 13 of the last 14 games in this series and the winning margins have been big enough to where if you applied today's spread, the games would have gone 12-2. I'm not a huge betting trends guy, but some teams simply don't win in other team's venues.

2/25/19: Detroit Pistons money line -140 (Winner 113-109).

2/24/19: Was in love with the Magic until I realized Orlando stomped Toronto by 29 in their last matchup. I'm not comfortable being on the other end of blowout revenge so that got me off this game. Kinda liked the Clippers, but Denver has handled them in 2 of 3 this season and it's never a wise move to be on the other end of Gary Harris defense. This guy is one of the best defenders I've ever seen. One man doesn't make a team, but he's a game changer. The S.A./NYK game is pure garbage and it wouldn't surprise me a bit to see this game land right on the number. It's always best to pass when there's no edges to be had. There's always another game! Back tomorrow with more winners!

2/23/19: Sacramento Kings +6 (straight up winner 119-116). OKC coming off a double OT game last night and Sac. coming in playing good ball.

2/22/19: San Antonio Spurs +7.5 (won 117-120) and New York Knicks +5 (lost 104-115).

2/21/19: Many of tonight's games include players that participated in the All Star festivities. With that being said, we don't really know which guys are worn out and which are motivated to play, so it's best that we pass tonight.

p>NBA ALL STAR BREAK: Picks will return Thursday, February 21st.

2/14/19: Charlotte Hornets +3.5 (got smoked 89-127).

2/13/19: Indiana Pacers +4.5 (lost 96-107)

2/12/19: Orlando Magic +4.5 (won 118-88), Memphis Grizzlies +4 (winner 107-108), Utah Jazz +9 (won 108-115).

2/11/19: Cleveland Cavaliers money line -127 (winner 107-104).

2/10/19: Atlanta Hawks +1.5 (lost 108-124).

2/9/19: Atlanta Hawks +2.5 (lost), Orlando Magic +9 (won).

2/8/19: Denver Nuggets +4.5 (Lost 110-117). Embiid battling gastroenteritis. Might miss tonight and even if he does play, gastroenteritis SUCKS and will be rough to play with.

2/7/19: The Orlando Magic are 9-1 straight up vs. Minnesota in the last 10 games played in Orlando. I'm betting the Magic on the money line at -155 (Won 122-112).

2/6/19: Chicago Bulls on the money line at -120 (lost 120-125) and Sacramento Kings +3 (lost 101-127). Rockets are 9-17 ATS on the road ad the Kings are 19-8 ATS at home. Kings playing good ball. Good value tonight in fading "The Beard".

2/5/19: Toronto Raptors +3 (Won 119-107).

2/4/19: Detroit Pistons +4 (won 129-103).

2/3/19: L.A. Clippers +9.5 (lost 103-121)

2/2/19: Cleveland Cavaliers +6.5 (lost 98-111) and Sacramento Kings +3 (won 115-108).

2/1/19: Charlotte Hornets on the money line at -290. (100-92 Winner)

1/31/19: Detroit Pistons on the money line at -205 (winner 93-89).

1/30/19: Memphis Grizzlies +4.5 (3.3 to win 3), Boston Celtics on the money line at -325. Added Denver Nuggets -9 at 3:35PM ET.

1/29/19: Detroit Pistons +7.5, Chicago Bulls +7, Houston Rockets -10.

1/28/19: Indiana Pacers +7 (lost 100-132).

1/27/19: Washington Wizards +4.5. (lost 119-132)

1/26/19: Atlanta Hawks +10.5 (winner 111-120).

1/25/19: New York Knicks +9 (lost 99-109)

1/24/19: Washington Wizards +9.5 (won 118-126)

1/23/19: Indiana Pacers on the money line at -230. (Winner 110-106)

1/22/19: Phoenix Suns +4.5. (Lost 91-118)

1/21/19: Miami Heat +8.5. (Won 99-107)

1/20/19: Passing.

1/19/19: What a heartbreak last night. What we were up? 21? And lose? Sickening. Today's play is the Denver Nuggets at -17.5. I'm projecting tonight's game to be a BLOWOUT by 30+. (Won 124-102)

1/18/19: Orlando Magic on the money line at -120. ***2 UNIT TOP PLAY*** (Lost 115-117)

1/17/19: Passing.

1/16/19: Brooklyn Nets +5. (Won 145-142)

1/15/19: Tonight's play is contingent upon Gary Harris playing for Denver. If he's in, I'm all over the Nuggets at +1. If he's out, I'm passing today. Update: Gary Harris not in lineup so this is a pass.

1/14/19: Brooklyn Nets +3. (Winner 109-102)

1/10/19-1/13/19: Passing.

1/9/19: Indiana Pacers +7. (GOT SMOKED)

1/8/19: Miami Heat on the money line at -120. (Lost 99-103)

1/7/19: Memphis Grizzlies +5. (Lost 95-114)

1/6/19: Phoenix Suns +2. (Lost 113-119)

1/5/19: Detroit Pistons +1.5. (Lost 105-110)

1/4/19: Unbelievable loss as we were up 20 and the James Harden blitzed us with some of the most wicked shooting I've ever seen. All we can do is geet back in the saddle and shake off the ugly loss. Today we like the Cavs at +10. Get this one quick because the line is likely to get hit by sharp action closer to tip-off. (Lost 91-117)

1/3/19: Golden State Warriors on the money line at -350. You can bet this game cheaper at 5Dimes (-335). They offer reduced odds on ALL sports. You save big money betting there. It's worth checking out!

1/2/19: Phoenix Suns +4.5. (Heartbreak loss by a half point; 127-132)

12/31 and 1/1: Passing.

Sunday, December 30th: Miami Heat -4. (Lost 104-113)

Saturday, December 29th: Los Angeles Clippers on the money line at -160. (Lost 111-122)

Friday, December 28th: Brooklyn Nets +4.5. (Lost 87-100)

Thursday, December 27th: Sacramento Kings money line -170. (Won 117-116)

Wednesday, December 26th: Miami Heat +3.5. (Won 104-106)

Sunday, December 23rd: Passing.

Saturday, December 22nd: Miami Heat +2.5. (Won 94-87)

Friday, December 21st: Charlotte Hornets on the money line -185. (Won 98-86)

Thursday, December 20th: Dallas Mavericks +3. (Lost 121-125)

Wednesday, December 19th: Detroit Pistons +5.5. (Won SU 129-123)

Tuesday, December 18th: Cleveland Cavaliers +12.5. (Won 92-91)

Monday, December 17th: Detroit Pistons +4. (Winner 104-107)

Sunday, December 16th: Miami Heat +6. (Won 102-96)

Saturday, December 15th: Memphis Grizzlies +3.5. (Lost 97-105)

Friday, December 14th: Oklahoma City Thunder on the money line -117. (Lost 98-109)

Thursday, December 13th: Spurs on the money line at -135. (Won 125-87)

Wednesday, December 12th: Minnesota T-Wolves money line -165. (Lost 130-141). Kings hit a franchise record 19 3-pointers. Unbelievable.

Tuesday, December 11th: San Antiono Spurs -12.5. (Won 111-86)

Monday, December 10th: Sacramento Kings on the money line at -130. Bulls F Bobby Portis and PG Kris Dunn are expected back tonight. This creates chemistry/timing issues. Furthermore, the Bulls are in a "look ahead" situation with an upcoming trip to Mexico. Too many distractions for a team that hasn't been playing well as of late.

Saturday, December 8th: New York Knicks -2.5. (lost 104-112)

Friday, December 7th: San Antonio Spurs -1. (Won 133-120)

Thursday, December 6th: None of today's games provided enough of an edge to justify making a bet. Passing!

Wednesday, December 5th: Minnesota T-Wolves on the moneyline at -190 odds. (Won 121-104)

Tuesday, December 4th: Chicago Bulls +8.5. If you're going to bet this, get it on quick because I expect the line to drop prior to tip. (Won 90-96)

Monday, December 3rd: I handicapped today's card for FIVE hours and couldn't find one edge. It's a real bummer to pass when we're on a heater but the bottom line is that we're not in this to gamble. It's always best to pass when there's no value. Back tomorrow with more winners!

Sunday, December 2nd: Passing.

Saturday, December 1st: Detroit Pistons +5. (Won straight up 111-102!)

Friday, November 30th: Detroit Pistons -9.5. (Won 107-88)

Thursday, November 29th: Sacramento Kings +2. (Lost 121-133)

Wednesday, November 28th: Philadelphia 76ers -12. (Winner 117-91)

Tuesday, November 27th: Passing.

Monday, November 26th: Washington Wizards +2.5. (Won 135-131)

Sunday, November 25th: Passing.

Saturday, November 24th: Cleveland Cavaliers +10. (Winner 117-108)

Friday, November 23rd: Portland Blazers +2. (Got smoked)

Thursday, November 22nd: No games scheduled. Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 21st: Phoenix Suns -1. (Lost 116-124)

Tuesday, November 20th: Orlando Magic +6.5. Get this one quick as I anticipate the line going DOWN closer to tip-off!

Monday, November 19th: New Orleans Pelicans -7.5. (Won 140-126)

Sunday, November 18th: Passing.

Saturday, November 17th: Passing.

Friday, November 16th: Brooklyn Nets +6.5. (Straight up underdog winner 115-104!)

Thursday, November 15th: Houston Rockets -2.5. (Won 107-86)

Wednesday, November 14th: Milwaukee Bucks -10. (Loss 116-113)

Tuesday, November 13th: Houston Rockets +4. (SU Underdog Winner! 109-99!)

Monday, November 12th: Miami Heat -2. (Lost 114-124)

Sunday, November 11th: Passing.

Saturday, November 10th: Memphis Grizzlies -2. (Won 112-106)

Friday, November 9th: Utah Jazz on the moneyline at -205 odds. (123-115 Victory)

Thursday, November 8th: Houston Rockets/Oklahoma City Thunder UNDER 214.5 (Win 80-98).

Wednesday, November 7th: Chicago Bulls +10.5. (Won 98-107)

Tuesday, November 6th: Brooklyn Nets on the ML at -135 odds. (Winner 104-82)

Monday, November 5th: Bulls +2.5 (winner 116-115), Heat +3.5 (won 120-115), Grizzlies +14.5 (lost by a bucker 101-117.

Saturday/Sunday: Passing.

11/2/18: Washington Wizards -2.5. (Lost 111-134)

11/1/18: Atlanta Hawks +2. (Lost 115-146)

6/8/18: Cleveland Cavaliers +4.5.

6/6/18: No value; Passing.

6/3/18: Cavs +12.

5/31/18: Cleveland Cavaliers +12.5.

5/27/18: Cleveland Cavaliers +2.5.

5/26/18: Passing.

5/25/18: Cleveland Cavs -7.

Thursday, May 24th: Houston Rockets -1.

5/20/18: Houston Rockets +7.5.

5/19/18: Cavs on the ML -265.

5/16/18: Houston Rockets -1.5.

5/15/18: No pick today. We're riding our Cavs series pick.

5/14/18: Houston Rockets on the money line at -120. The Rockets went 2-1 this season against Golden State. In the one loss, James Harden was out. GS may very well win the series, but I believe Houston takes game one.

5/13/18: We're not betting on today's game, however, we're going to get down on the Cavs to win the series at -270. This is a really bad matchup for the Celtics. Furthermore, they're catching the Cavs at a time when the team is starting to display some chemistry.

5/8/18: Golden State Warriors -11.5.

5/6/18: Passing.

5/5/18: Cleveland Cavs on the moneyline -190.

5/4/18: Utah Jazz +4.5.

5/3/18: Boston Celtics +4.

5/2/18: Houston Rockets -11.

4/30/18: Boston Celtics +4.

4/29/18: Passing.

4/28/18: Golden St. Warriors -9.

4/27/18: Utah Jazz on the money line at -275.

4/26/18: No value; Passing.

4/25/18: Utah Jazz +3.5.

4/24/18: Milwaukee Bucks +4.

4/23/18: Utah Jazz -4.

4/22/18: Cleveland Cavaliers -1.

4/21/18: Minnesota Timberwolves +6.

4/20/18: Cleveland Cavaliers +1.

4/19/18: Miami Heat +2.

4/18/18: Houston Rockets -10.

4/17/18: Blazers -6. Get this quick as I expect the line to rise prior to tip!

4/16/18: Miami Heat +7.

4/15/18: Oklahoma City -4.

4/14/18: Miami Heat +6.5.

4/10/19; Celtics/Wizards UNDER 206.5.

4/9/18: Denver Nuggets -4.

4/8/18: Charlotte Hornets +1.

4/7/18: Spurs -5.

4/6/18: Philadelphia 76ers -4.

4/5/18: Minnesota Timberwolves +5.5.

4/4/18: Toronto Raptors -7.

4/3/18: Brooklyn Nets +7.5.

4/1/18: San Antonio Spurs +2.

p>3/31/18: Kings +8.5.

3/30/18: Nuggets/Thunder UNDER 222.

3/29/18: Golden State -5.

3/28/18: Brooklyn Nets on the money line -155 odds.

3/27/18: Miami Heat +3.

3/25/18: Sacramento Kings +6.5.

3/24/18: Philadelphia 76ers -7.5.

3/23/18: New York Knicks +7.5.

3/22/18: Memphis Grizzlies +8.5, Dallas Mavericks +8 and Atlanta Hawks +1.5.

3/21/18: Cleveland Cavaliers -2.

3/20/18: Utah Jazz -14.

3/19/18: Milwaukee Bucks +2.5.

3/18/18: L.A. Clippers on the ML -135.

3/17/18: Washington Wizards -4.5.

3/16/18: Orlando Magic +6.5.

3/15/18: Indiana Pacers +4.

3/14/18: LA Lakers +7.5.

3/13/18: Atlanta Hawks +6.

3/12/18: Miami Heat +6.5.

3/11/18: LA Lakers +1.5.

3/10/18: Orlando Magic +11.5.

3/9/18: Portland Trailblazers +1.

3/8/18: Miami Heat +1.

3/7/18: Milwaukee +5.5.

3/6/18: Miami Heat +4.

3/5/18: LA Lakers +2.

3/4/18: Brooklyn Nets +7.

3/3/18: WTH happened to the Suns last night? We were up huge and they end up pushing? Unbelievable. Today's play is the Orlando Magic at -7.5 who we're expecting to blow out a Memphis team who is missing ALL of their regulars.

3/2/18: Phoenix Suns +8.

3/1/18: Portland Blazers -5.

2/28/18: Dallas Mavericks +5.

2/27/18: Miami Heat pick'em.

2/26/18: Sacramento Kings +5.5.

2/25/18: New Orleans Pelicans +4.

2/24/18: Sacramento Kings +1.5.

2/22/18: Sacramento Kings +7.5.

2/15/18: Denver Nuggets +2.5.

2/14/18: Chicago Bulls +6.5.

2/13/18: Minnesota T-Wolves +2.5.

2/12/18: Utah Jazz -4.

2/11/18: Boston Celtics -4.5.

2/10/18: Dallas Mavericks -2.

2/9/18: New Orleans Pelicans +4.5.

2/8/18: Charlotte Hornets +3.

2/7/18: Jazz/Grizzlies OVER 202 points.

2/6/18: New York Knicks -1.

2/5/18: Washington Wizards +2.

2/4/18: Passing.

2/3/18: Cleveland Cavaliers +3.

2/2/18: Miami Heat +4.

2/1/18: Washington Wizards +3.5.

1/30/18: Golden State Warriors/Utah Jazz UNDER 216 points.

1/29/18: Memphis Grizzlies -8.

1/28/18: San Antonio Spurs -11.

1/27/18: Miami Heat -4.

1/26/18: Atlanta Hawks +7.

1/25/18: Sacramento Kings +9.

1/24/18: Portland Blazers -3.

1/23/18: Cleveland Cavaliers -2.

1/22/18: Hawks +2.5.

1/21/18: Indiana Pacers +6.

1/20/18: Atlanta Hawks -2.

1/19/18: LAL +1.5.

1/18/18: Sixers +3.

1/17/18: Kings +4.5, Knicks -2.5, Hawks +2.5.

1/15/18: Sacramento Kings +11.5.

1/14/18: Phoenix Suns +3.5.

1/13/18: Detroit Pistons -1.

1/12/18: Brooklyn Nets +3.

1/11/18: Cleveland Cavaliers -3.

1/10/18: Memphis Grizlies -1.

1/9/18: Miami Heat +4.

1/8/18: Today's eight game card had absolutely no value/edges so we have to pass.

1/7/18: Phoenix Suns +8.5.

1/6/17: Milwaukee Bucks +3.5.

1/5/17: Atlanta Hawks +6.5.

1/4/18: L.A. Clippers +1.5.

1/3/18: Utah Jazz -1.

1/2/18: Cleveland Cavs -8.5.

12/30/17: Atlanta Hawks +3.5.

12/29/17: Pacers/Bulls UNDER 206.5.

12/28/17: Spurs -11.5.

12/27/17: Passing.

12/26/17: Dallas Mavericks +5.5.

12/23/17: Indiana Pacers -9.5.

12/22/17: Clippers/Rockets OVER 221.5.

12/21/17: NY Knicks +2.5.

12/20/17: Grizzlies +10.

12/19/17: New Orleans Pelicans/Washington Wizards OVER 218.

12/18/17: Chicago Bulls +1.5.

12/17/17: Passing.

12/16/17: Dallas Mavericks +7.

12/14/17: Detroit Pistons/Atlanta Hawks OVER 207.5 points.

12/13/17: Memphis Grizzlies +7.5.

12/12/17: Denver Nuggets +6.5.

12/11/17: Chicago Bulls +6.5.

12/9/17: Chicago Bulls +3.5.

12/8/17: Bulls/Hornets OVER 203.

12/7/17: Oklahoma City/Brooklyn UNDER 214 points.

12/6/17: Charlotte Hornets +5. No Curry tonight, Draymond Green banged up and might not play. Kemba back and motivated for Charlotte. Nice live underdog here tonight!

12/5/17: Today's three game card doesn't offer any value/edge so we're taking a pass!

12/4/17: Memphis Grizzlies +3.

12/3/17: Passing.

12/2/17: L.A. Lakers +4.5.

12/1/17: Charlotte Hornets +2.

11/30/17: Milwaukee Bucks +3.

11/29/17: Sixers -5.

11/28/17: Washington Wizards +5.5.

11/26/17: No value so we're forced to pass.

11/25/17: Utah Jazz -1.

11/24/17: Memphis Grizzlies +6.5.

11/22/17: Sacramento Kings +1.

11/21/17: Passing.

11/20/17: Sacramento Kings +6.5.

11/19/17: No value; Passing.

11/18/17: Mavs against at +6.5.

11/17/17: Dallas Mavericks +6.5.

11/16/17: No value; Passing.

11/15/17: Minnesota T-Wolves -5.5.

11/14/17: Brooklyn Nets +7.

11/13/17: Atlanta Hawks +9.

11/12/17: We couldn't find any value on today's short card so are forced to pass.

11/11/17: Atlanta Hawks +9.5.

11/10/17: Chicago Bulls +2.5.

11/9/17: Washington Wizards -10.5.

11/8/17: New York Knickerbockers +8.5.

11/7/17: Sacramento Kings +10.5.

11/6/17: Brooklyn Nets +1.

11/5/17: Portland Trailblazers +2.5.

11/4/17: Chicago Bulls +6.

11/3/17: Dallas Mavericks +4.5.

11/2/17: No value; Passing.

11/1/17 Orlando Magic +4.

10/31/17: Milwaukee Bucks +1.5.

10/30/17: Toronto Raptors +2.5.

Monday, June 12th: Golden St. Warriors -8.5.

Thursday, June 9th: Cleveland Cavaliers +5.5.

Wednesday, June 7th: Cleveland Cavaliers +3.5.

Sunday, June 4th: Cleveland Cavaliers +8.5.

Thursday, June 1st: Golden St. Warriors -7.

Thursday, May 25th: Passing.

Tuesday, May 23rd: Cleveland Cavaliers -14.5.

Monday, May 22nd: No value; Passing.

Sunday, May 21st: Passing

Saturday, May 20th: San Antonio Spurs +8.5.

Friday, May 19th: Boston Celtics +5.5.

Wednesday, May 17th: Boston Celtics +3.5.

Tuesday, May 16th: Passing.

Sunday, May 14th: Golden St. Warriors -10.

Saturday, May 13th: No games scheduled.

Friday, May 12th: Washington Wizards -5.

Thursday, May 11th: This series has absolutely no wagering value. We're passing.

Wednesday, May 10th: Boston Celtics -4.

Tuesday, May 9th: Passing.

Monday, May 8th: Utah Jazz +8.5.

Sunday, May 7th: Washington Wizards -4.5.

Saturday, May 6th: No value; Passing.

Friday, May 5th: Too many question marks with Lowry and his bum ankle and Parker being out. My inclination is that the Cavs will win tonight but it's not a strong enough feeling to call it a play. Good luck with whatever you decide!

Thursday, May 4th Game 3: Washington Wizards -6.

Wednesday, May 3rd Game 2: San Antonio Spurs -5.5.

Tuesday, May 2nd Game 1: Golden State Warriors -13.

Monday, May 1st Game 1 Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers -6.5.

Sunday, April 30th: L.A. Clippers on the money line at -165.

Friday, April 28th: We couldn't find any edges in any of today's (3) games so we're forced to take a pass. There's never a reason to force a bet as there's always another game!

Thursday, April 27th: Memphis Grizzlies +5.

Wednesday, April 26th: Atlanta Hawks +6.

Tuesday, April 25th: San Antonio Spurs -10.

Monday, April 24th: Toronto Raptors on the moneyline at -225 odds.

Sunday, April 23rd: LAC +3.

Saturday, April 22nd: Portland Trailblazers +6.

Friday, April 21st: Los Angeles Clippers on the money line -120 odds.

Thursday, April 20th: Indiana Pacers +2.

Wednesday, April 19th: Golden St. Warriors -13.

Tuesday, April 18th Game 2 Pick: Toronto Raptors -7.5.

Monday, April 17th: San Antonio Spurs -11.

Sunday, April 16th: Houston Rockets -7.

Saturday, April 15th NBA Playoffs: San Antonio Spurs -9.5.

Thursday/Friday April 13-14th: No games scheduled.

Wednesday, April 12th: Passing.

Monday, April 10th: Detroit Pistons -3.5.

Sunday, April 9th: Passing

Saturday, April 8th: Charlotte Hornets +1.5.

Friday, April 7th: Passing.

Thursday, April 6th: Passing.

Wednesday, April 5th: Boston Celtics -4.

Tuesday, April 4th: Charlotte Hornets +3.5.

Monday, April 3rd: Today's lone NBA game doesn't have any value so we're taking a pass.

Sunday, April 2nd: Passing.

Saturday, April 1st: Orlando Magic +2.5.

Friday, March 31st: Dallas Mavericks +4.

Thursday, March 30th: Detroit Pistons -6.5

Wednesday, March 29th: Indiana Pacers +4.5.

Tuesday, March 28th: Atlanta Hawks -8.

Monday, March 27th: Dallas Mavericks +1.

Saturday, March 25th: Dallas Mavericks -2.

Friday, March 24th: Charlotte Hornets +3.5.

Thursday, March 23rd: Miami Heat -4.5.

Wednesday, March 22nd: Detroit Pistons -1.5.

Tuesday, March 21st: Milwaukee Bucks +4.5.

Monday, March 20th: OKC Thunder +1.

Sunday, March 19th: Indiana Pacers +3.

Saturday, March 18th: Denver Nuggets +2.5.

Friday, March 17th: Brooklyn Nets +8.

Thursday, March 16th: Utah Jazz +6.5.

Wednesday, March 15th: Sacramento Kings +5.5.

Tuesday, March 14th: Brooklyn Nets +6.5.

Monday, March 13th: Minnesota Timberwolves -2.

Sunday, March 12th: Phoenix Suns +1.5.

Saturday, March 11th: Milwaukee Bucks -3.

Friday, March 10th: Chicago Bulls +5.5.

Thursday, March 9th: Memphis Grizzlies -2.5.

Wednesday, March 8th: Orlando Magic +1.

Tuesday, March 7th: Portland Trailblazers +6.5.

Monday, March 6th: Blazers +4 and Hawks +5.5.

Sunday, March 5th: Orlando Magic +10.5.

Saturday, March 4th: Miami Heat +1.

Friday, March 3rd NBA Pick: Atlanta Hawks +2.5.

Primer: In this article, loot explains how NBA teasers work.

Thursday, March 2nd: Portland Blazers +1.

Wednesday, March 1st: Brooklyn Nets +2.

Tuesday, February 28th: Denver Nuggets +2.5.

Monday, February 27th: Milwaukee Bucks +7.5.

Sunday, February 26th: Detroit Pistons +1.5.

Saturday, February 25th: Dallas Mavericks +1.

Friday, February 24th: Los Angeles Clippers +4.

Thursday, February 23rd: Houston Rockets -3.5.


Thursday, February 16th: Chicago Bulls -1.

Wednesday, February 15th: Indiana Pacers +6.

Tuesday, February 14th: LA Lakers -2.

Monday, February 13th: Charlotte Hornets -8.

Sunday, February 12th: Sacramento Kings -3.

Saturday, February 11th: Hornets -3.

Friday, February 10th: Brooklyn Nets +6.

Thursday, February 9th: Charlotte Hornets +3.

Monday, January 30th: Pistons +5.5.

Saturday, January 28th: Phoenix Suns -3.

Friday, January 27th: Philadelphia 76ers +6.5.

Thursday, January 26th: Indiana Pacers +3.

Wednesday, January 25th: Milwaukee Bucks -10.5.

Tuesday, January 24th: Denver Nuggets -2.5.

Monday, January 23rd: Miami Heat +12.

Sunday, January 22nd: Denver Nuggets +3.5.

Saturday, January 21st: Atlanta Hawks -10.

Friday, January 20th: Dallas Mavs +6.

Thursday, January 19th: Phoenix Suns +12.5.

Wednesday, January 18th: Magic +5.

Tuesday, January 17th: Miami Heat +7.5.

Monday, January 16th: New Orleans Pelicans +5.

Sunday, January 15th: Brooklyn Nets +13.

Saturday, January 14th: Clippers -11.

Friday, January 13th: Philadelphia 76ers +4.5.

Thursday, January 12th: Brooklyn Nets +4.5.

Wednesday, January 11th: Memphis/OKC OVER 203 points.

Tuesday, January 10th: Los Angeles Lakers +2.

Monday, January 9th: New Orleans Pelicans +3.5.

Sunday, January 8th: Phoenix Suns +8.5.

Saturday, January 7th: Mavs +1.5.

Friday, January 6th: New York Knicks +5.5.

Thursday: Indiana Pacers -10.5.

Wednesday: Orlando Magic +2.5.

Tuesday, January 3rd: Philadelphia 76ers +4.5.

Monday, January 2nd: Phoenix Suns +5.5.

Sunday, January 1st: S.A. Spurs -4.

Saturday, December 31st: Charlotte Hornets +2.5.

Friday, December 30th: Boston Celtics -9.5.

Thursday, December 29th: Phoenix Suns +9.

Wednesday, December 28th: Brooklyn Nets +9.5.

Tuesday, December 27th: Passing.

Monday, December 26th Pick of the Day: Indiana Pacers +1.5.

Saturday, December 24th: No games scheduled.

Friday, December 23rd: Dallas Mavericks +6.

Thursday, December 22nd: Orlando Magic +5.

Wednesday, December 21st: Dallas Mavericks +5.5.

Tuesday, December 20th Free Pick: Blazers +1.5.

Monday, December 19th: Detroit Pistons +2.5.

Sunday, December 18th: Orland Magic +6.

Saturday, December 17th: Minnesota Timberwolves +3.

Friday, December 16th: Brooklyn Nets +7.

Thursday, December 15th: Denver Nuggets -1.5.

Wednesday, December 14th: Washington Wizards -1.5.

Tuesday, December 13th: Suns +2.

Monday, December 12th: Milwaukee Bucks +8.

Sunday, December 11th: Detroit Pistons -13.5.

Saturday, December 10th: Blazers -1.5.

Thursday, December 8th: Denver Nuggets +5.5.

Wednesday, December 7th; Orlando Magic -1.

Tuesday, December 6th: Magic/Wizards UNDER 199.

Monday, December 5th: Philadelphia 76ers +4.5.

Sunday, December 4th: Kings +2.

Saturday, December 3rd: Miami Heat +6.5.

Friday, December 2nd: Sacramento Kings +6.5.

Wednesday, November 30th: Rockets/Warriors UNDER 231.5.

Tuesday, November 29th: Milwaukee Bucks +7.5.

Sunday, November 27th: Orlando Magic +1.

Saturday, November 26th: No value; Passing!

Friday, November 25th: Detroit Pistons +6.5.

Tuesday, November 22nd: New Orleans Pelicans +8.5.

Monday, November 21st: Wizards -8.5.

Sunday, November 20th: Sacramento Kings +3.5.

Saturday, November 19th: 76ers +3.

Friday, November 18th: L.A. Lakers +7.

Thursday, November 17th: Milwaukee Bucks +3.5.

Wednesday, November 16th: Pacers +3.5.

Tuesday, November 15th: Nets +6.5.

Sunday, November 13th: Passing.

Saturday, November 12th Pick: Minnesota +4.5.

Friday, November 11th Play: Philadelphia 76ers +5.

Thursday, November 10th: Miami Heat -2.5.

Wednesday: Washington Wizards -1. - 11/9

Tuesday: Phoenix Suns +8. - 11/8

Monday: Golden State Warriors -17. - 11/7

Sunday Game 7 Pick: Posted on gameday.

Thursday Game 6 Prediction: Cleveland Cavaliers -2.

Friday, Game 4 NBA Finals Play: Cavaliers -2.

Thursday: Congrats to all who tailed last night's blowout as the Cavs rolled the Warriors by 30! No games scheduled today. Game 4 takes place Friday.

Wednesday, Game 3 Pick: Cleveland Cavaliers -1.

Sunday, June 5th Game 2 Play: Cleveland Cavaliers +6.

Friday, June 3rd: No games scheduled today.

Thursday, June 2nd Game 1 Prediction: Golden State Warriors -6.

Monday, May 30th: Golden St. Warriors -6.5 points.

Saturday, May 28th: Oklahoma City Thunder -3.

Friday, May 27th Wager Recommendation: Toronto Raptors +6.

Thursday, May 26th Bet: Golden State Warriors -7.

Wednesday, May 25th POD: Cleveland Cavaliers -10.5.

Tuesday, May 24th Bet Tip: Oklahoma City Thunder +1.5.

Monday, May 23rd Wager Recommendation: Toronto Raptors +6.

Sunday, May 22nd Prediction: Thunder +3.

Saturday, May 21st: Toronto Raptors +5.5.

Friday, May 20th: No games today in the NBA.

Thursday, May 19th: Tonight's -12 spread offers no value so we're forced to pass.

Wednesday, May 18th: Golden St. -9.

Tuesday, May 17th: Passing.

Monday, May 16th Play: Golden State Warriors -7.5.

Sunday, May 15th: Mia/Tor UNDER 188.5.

Saturday, May 14th: No games scheduled today in the NBA.

Friday, May 13th: We don't have an opinion on this game so are going to take a pass.

Thursday, May 12th Pick: Oklahoma City Thunder +1.5.

Wednesday, May 11th: Heat/Raptors OVER 188.5.

Tuesday, May 10th: Passing.

Monday, May 9th: Portland Trailblazers +4.5.

Sunday, May 8th: Atlanta Hawks +5.

Saturday, May 7th Basketball Pick: Portland Trailblazers +3.5.

Thursday, May 5th Play: Toronto Raptors -4.5.

Wednesday, May 4th: Cleveland Cavs -7.5.

Tuesday, May 3rd: Blazers +9.5.

Monday, May 2nd: Cleveland Cavaliers -7.

Sunday, May 1st: Miami Heat -6.

Saturday, April 30th Play: San Antonio Spurs -6.5.

Thursday, April 28th NBA Pick: Atlanta Hawks -2.

Wednesday, April 27th Play: Houston Rockets +9.

Tuesday, April 26th: The Raptors/Pacers series has been helter skelter and is a crapshoot. The Celtics/Hawks line is right on. With that being said, we're passing today as there is no value to be had.

Monday, April 25th: Charlotte Hornets -2.

Sunday, April 24th: Houston Rockets +9.

Saturday, April 23rd NBA Playoffs Pick: Portland Trailblazers +1.

Friday, April 22nd Play: Detroit Pistons +4.

Thursday, April 21st Play of the Day: Oklahoma City Thunder -8.5.

Wednesday, April 20th Game 2 Pick: Detroit Pistons +10.

Tuesday, April 19th NBA Playoffs Prediction: Atlanta Hawks -6.5. The Pacers don't generally play well at Atlanta. Furthermore, the Hawks built up some nice leads in game 1 but just couldn't hold it. I feel this line offers much value!

Monday, April 18th: Toronto Raptors -7.5.

Sunday, April 17th: L.A. Clippers -8.5.

Sunday NBA Playoffs Game 1: Atlanta Hawks -5.5. We fully expect this series to go 6 or 7 games with each team beating each other up on their home courts, with the possibility of the Hawks stealing one at Boston to shorten the series to win in 6. - 4/16

Thursday and Friday: No games scheduled. The NBA playoffs start on Saturday, April 16th.

Wednesday, April 13th Tip: Detroit Pistons +1.5.

Tuesday, April 12th Pick: Memphis Grizzlies +7.5.

Monday, April 11th Play: Milwaukee Bucks +4.

Sunday, April 10th: S.A. Spurs -5.

Saturday, April 9th: Sacramento Kings +7.

Friday, April 8th Pick of the Day: Philadelphia 76ers +2.

Thursday, April 7th NBA Pick: Golden St. Warriors -7.

Wednesday, April 6th Bet Prediction: Indiana Pacers -3.

Tuesday, April 5th: Chicago Bulls -3.

Monday, April 4th: No games scheduled. Be sure to check out our college hoops championship game pick. We've been hot all season!

Sunday, April 3rd: New Orleans Pelicans +2.5.

Saturday, April 2nd: San Antonio Spurs -11.5.

Friday, April 1st Pick: Detroit Pistons -5.5.

Thursday, March 31st Play: Indiana Pacers -7.

Wednesday, March 30th Pick: Atlanta Hawks -1.

Tuesday, March 29th Play of the Day: Detroit Pistons +3.5.

Monday, March 28th: Mavs/Nuggets OVER 212.

Sunday, March 27th: Passing.

Saturday, March 26th: No value on tonight's card so we're taking a pass.

Friday, March 25th Pick of the Day: Atlanta Hawks -9.

Thursday, March 24th Bet Prediction: Indiana Pacers -13.

Wednesday, March 23rd: We like the Phoenix Suns (-5) to blowout the Lakers tonight!

Tuesday, March 22nd Play: Brooklyn Nets +6.

Monday, March 21st: Atlanta Hawks -6.5.

Sunday, March 20th Prediction: Utah Jazz +1.

Saturday, March 19th: Indiana Pacers +3.5.

Friday, March 18th Action: Phoenix Suns +3.5.

Thursday, March 17th Play: Phoenix Suns +9.

Wednesday, March 16th: New Orleans Pelicans +4.

Tuesday, March 15th NBA Play of the Day: Denver Nuggets +3.

Monday, March 14th Pick: Portland Blazers +7.5.

Sunday: Milwaukee Bucks -1.5. - 3/13

Saturday, March 12th Pick: Washington Wizards at a pick'em.

Friday, March 11th Play: Houston Rockets +5.5.

Thursday, March 10th Prediction: Atlanta Hawks +4.

Wednesday, March 9th Tip: Philly +10.

Tuesday, March 8th Pick: L.A. Lakers +2.5.

Monday, March 7th: Charlotte Hornets -9.

Sunday, March 6th Play of the Day: Philadelphia 76ers +14.5.

Saturday, March 5th Pick: Indiana Pacers +2.5.

Friday, March 4th Prediction: Brooklyn Nets +5.5.

Thursday, March 3rd Play: New Orleans Hornets +9.

Wednesday, March 2nd Pick: Los Angeles Clippers -1.5.

Tuesday: Brooklyn Nets +1.5.

Monday, February 29th Play: Denver Nuggets +1.5.

Sunday, February 28th: Portland Blazers +4.5.

Saturday, February 27th Prediction: Miami Heat +5.5.

Friday, February 26th ATS Prediction: Toronto Raptors +1.5.

Thursday, February 25th Play: Brooklyn Nets -1. It's usually a good sign for us when the public are hammering the underdog and the line isn't moving. Vegas likes their position on the Nets at -1 and we like them too as Phoenix doesn't play any defense.

Wednesday, February 24th: New York Knicks +7.

Tuesday, February 23rd: Philadelphia 76ers +5.5.

Monday, February 22nd: Lakers/Bucks OVER 210 points.

Sunday, February 21st Play: Philly +10.

Saturday, February 20th Play: Los Angeles Clippers +3.5.

Friday, February 19th: Philly +8.5.

Thursday, February 18th: We're taking a pass today. It's NBA trade deadline day and crazy things can happen, so no need to take any risks.

NBA All Star Break: Plays will restart on 2/18/16.

Thursday, February 11th Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks -1.5.

Wednesday, February 10th Play: Philadelphia 76ers +5.

Tuesday, February 9th Pick: Milwaukee Bucks +4.

Monday, February 8th Play of the Day: The Kings are sucking right now and rumor has it George Karl has lost control. I'm expecting a blowout tonight in Cleveland! Take the Cavs at -12!

Sunday, February 7th: Passing.

Saturday, February 6th Play of the Day: Phoenix Suns +5.5.

Friday, February 5th Predictions: Nets +5.5. and Nuggets -2.

Thursday, February 4th Play: Portland Trailblazers at a pick'em.

Wednesday, February 3rd: Brooklyn Nets +6.5.

Tuesday, February 2nd Prediction: Miami Heat +4.

Monday, February 1st Play ATS: Brooklyn Nets +7.5.

Sunday, January 31st: Passing. No value on today's card!

Saturday, January 30th Play of the Day: Memphis Grizzlies -3.5.

Friday, January 29th Tip: Phoenix Suns +8.5.

Thursday, January 28th Prediction: Indiana Pacers -3.

Wednesday, January 27th Play: Minnesota Timberwolves +7.

Tuesday, January 26th: Brooklyn Nets +4.5.

Monday, January 25th Prediction: Denver Nuggets +4.5.

Sunday, January 24th: Passing.

Saturday, January 23rd Pick: New York Knicks -1.

Friday, January 22nd Play: Toronto Raptors -10.5.

Thursday, January 21st Prediction: Atlanta Hawks +1. Not only have the Hawks done well historically against the Kings both at home and on the road, the Kings are 1-9 this season in back to back games. There are other supporting variables as well, but these two loom large.

Wednesday, January 20th: Philly +7.5.

Tuesday, January 19th: Another brutal loss with the Rockets going into Overtime and losing not only the game, but the spread as well. Today we like the Milwaukee Bucks at +4.5.

Monday, January 18th Prediction: Houston Rockets +5.

Sunday, January 17th: BRUTAL loss yesterday with John Wall missing a layup to tie the game. We're taking a pass today. We couldn't find any value on today's card.

Saturday, January 16th Pick: Washington Wizards +1.

Friday, January 15th Play: Houston Rockets +1.

Thursday, January 14th: Sacramento Kings/Utah Jazz UNDER 200.5 points. - 1/14

Wednesday, January 13th Wager: Denver Nuggets +9.5.

Tuesday, January 12th Play: Dallas Mavericks +5.5.

Monday, January 11th Tip: Brooklyn Nets +14.5.

Sunday, January 10th Play: Milwaukee Bucks/New York Knicks OVER 198 points.

Saturday, January 9th Prediction: Washington Wizards +2.5.

Friday, January 8th: Washington Wizards +2.

Thursday, January 7th Play: Pretty unbelievable loss last night with Dallas sitting 4 key players and New Orleans losing straight up by 9. The Pelicans never showed up. Pretty sickening to watch. Today's play is the 76ers +9.

Wednesday, January 6th Pick: New Orleans Pelicans -5.5.

Tuesday: Sacramento Kings/Dallas Mavericks UNDER 214.

Monday: San Antonio Spurs/Milwaukee Bucks OVER 192 points.

Saturday, January 2nd Play: Milwaukee Bucks +1.5.

Friday, January 1st Tip: Orlando Magic/Washington Wizars OVER 203.5 points.

Thursday, December 31st Prediction: Milwaukee Bucks +6.5.

Wednesday, December 30th Play: Brooklyn Nets +7.5.

Tuesday, December 29th Play: Denver Nuggets +6.

Monday, December 28th: Toronto Raptors +1.5.

Sunday, December 27th: L.A. Lakers +10

Saturday, December 26th Pick: Denver Nuggets +14.

Thurasdy, December 24th: No games scheduled.

Wednesday, December 23rd Prediction: Washington Wizards +1.5.

Tuesday, December 22nd Play: Philadelphia 76ers +10.

Monday, December 21st Play: Sacramento Kings +2.5.

Sunday, December 20th Pick: Philadelphia 76ers +16.5.

Saturday, December 19th Play; Houston Rockets +1.

Friday, December 18th Pick: You won't hear us crying over losses very often but last night's game where we were going under by 15 points and got jammed up by overtime was B-R-U-T-A-L! Tonight we like the Memphis Grizzlies at +2.5. The Grizz have shot 53% in their last two trips to Big D, who has no D. Furthermore, Memphis has taken 4 of the last 5 in this matchup. Dallas is really lagging on defense right now so we think there's some great value here getting 2.5 points.

Thursday, December 17th Play: Raptors/Hornets UNDER 195.5 points.

Note: The Charlotte Bobcats are reportedly considering changing their name back to the Charlotte Hornets, now that New Orleans has changed their name to the Pelicans.

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