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Welcome to Lootmeister's free MLB picks page where you'll find daily baseball betting predictions with analysis each day of the Major League League baseball season. The professional baseball season is a grind to say the least, stemming from the beginning of April and into October. With so many games on tap, we hold the advantage as we're able to pick and choose our spots, utilizing short underdogs to turn a profit. The beauty of wagering on underdogs is that you can hit less than 50% of your MLB picks and still turn a profit, due to the moneyline paying out more than your risked amount. Please bookmark this page and check back daily for our current predictions. We highly recommend betting each pick, regardless of your personal opinion of the game. We will grind out a profit at season's end! You can bet on it! Lastly, check out our left menu which has tons of articles offering tips, strategy and betting advice!

Today's MLB Odds

Baseball Picks, News and Promotions

Major League Baseball Managerial Changes for 2017 - As we head into the new baseball season, it helps to note the different changes in leadership across the league. This season, the turnover was pretty light, with only three new MLB managers approaching the first season with their new clubs. In this article, Loot breaks down the different changes in leadership, including profiles on each new manager. Check it out!

World Series Game 7 Prediction: Cleveland Indians +108. - 11/2

World Series Game 5: Passing.

World Series Game 3 Pick: Chicago Cubs -190.

Fall Classic Game 2 Play: Cubbies/Indians OVER 7 runs. - 10/26

World Series Game 1 Bet Recommendation: Cleveland Indians -105.

Thursday, October 20th: Passing.

Wednesday: Toronto Blue Jays -181.

Tuesday, October 18th Play: L.A. Dodgers +103.

Monday, October 17th: No value; Passing!

Sunday, October 16th Pick: Chicago Cubs +110.

Saturday, October 15th: No value; Passing.

Friday, October 14th ALCS Game 1 Pick: Toronto Blue Jays +129.

Thursday NLDS Play: Washington Nationals -148.

Tuesday NL Playoffs Pick: SF Giants +112.

Monday, October 10th Bet Recommendation: Washington Nationals +124.

Saturday, October 8th Play: Los Angeles Dodgers -119.

Friday, October 7th Play: Washington Nationals +133.

Thursday, October 6th Pick: Blue Jays +101.

Wednesday, October 5th: Two studs going head to head presents no value so we're forced to pass.

Tuesday, October 4th: This game is fairly even with regards to value, so we're taking a pass.

September 21st through October 3rd: We're hanging'em up until the playoffs start. Things are way too unpredictable right now as teams rest players and evaluate minor league prospects. Check back Oct. 4th as we'll be ready to make MLB playoff picks!

Tuesday, September 20th: Seattle Mariners +113.

Monday, September 19th Play: Colorado Rockies +101.

Sunday, September 18th: Football hogged up all of our handicapping time this morning so we have to take a pass on MLB today.

Saturday, September 17th: Today's card offers no value so we're taking a pass.

Friday, September 16th Picks: Tigers/Indians UNDER 7.5 runs and Arizona D-Backs +130.

Thursday, September 15th: Cardinals/Giants UNDER 7.

Wednesday, September 14th Major League Baseball Pick: Philadelphia Phillies +116.

Tuesday, September 13th Play: SD Padres +140.

Monday, September 12th: Milwaukee Brewers +107

Sunday: Passing.

Saturday, September 10th: Atlanta Braves +115

Friday, September 9th: Baltimore Orioles -102.

Thursday, September 8th: Congrats to all who had the gonads to ride the Brew Crew vs. the Cubs! Today we like the Washington Nationals at -205. Asher is a gas can!

Wednesday, September 7th POD: Milwaukee Brewers +133.

Tuesday, September 6th: Phillies/Marlins UNDER 8.5 runs.

Monday, September 5th Play: Kansas City Royals -135.

Sunday, September 4th: Los Angeles Angels +120.

Saturday, September 3rd Play: Atlanta Braves +110.

Friday, September 2nd: Chicago White Sox/Minnesota Twins UNDER 9 runs.

Thursday, September 1st: There is no value on today's short MLB card so we're going to take a pass.

Wednesday, August 31st Play: San Diego Padres/Atlanta Braves OVER 9 runs.

Tuesday, August 30th: Miami Marlins/New York Mets UNDER 8 runs.

Monday, August 29th Play: St. Louis Cardinals -148.

Sunday, August 28th: Texas Ranges -104.

Saturday, August 27th: San Diego Padres +128.

Friday, August 26th Prediction: Toronto Blue Jays -235.

Thursday, August 25th Play: Milwaukee Brewers +112.

Wednesday, August 24th BEST BET: Atl/Ari UNDER 8.5 runs.

Tuesday, August 23rd: White Sox -165.

Monday, August 22nd: NYY/Sea OVER 8.5 runs.

Sunday, August 21st Tip: Baltimore Orioles +105.

Saturday, August 20th Pick: Kansas City Royals -150.

Friday, August 19th Baseball Pick: Detroit Tigers +113.

Thursday, August 18th Major League Baseball Pick: Miami Marlins/Cincinnati Reds UNDER 7.5.

Wednesday, August 17th Play of the Day: KC Royals/Detroit Tigers UNDER 8 runs. Shop around for the best prices as we've seen this at + odds at some sportsbooks.

Tuesday, August 16th Pick: Houston Astros -155.

Monday, August 15th Play: Kansas City Royals +122.

Sunday, August 14th Tip: Kansas City Royals +108.

Saturday, August 13th Play of the Day: Philadelphia Phillies +105.

Friday, August 12th MLB Pick: Cincinnati Reds/Milwaukee Brewers OVER 9 runs scored.

Thursday, August 11th Play: Atlanta Braves +112.

Wednesday, August 10th MLB Picks: Seattle Mariners -110 and Minnesota Twins +120.

Tuesday, August 9th Play: Atlanta Braves +116.

The Problem in Identifying Patterns in MLB - A key part of many MLB bettors' wagering profile is to look for patterns, whether good or bad. Fair enough, as the way a pitcher, hitter, or team is playing recently is certainly a key concern. The problem with patterns is that by the time something has happened enough for you to consider it a pattern, it could be due for it to cease being a pattern. In this article, Loot shows us how to use patterns to help us, while helping us steer clear of an over-simplified way of dealing with patterns. Click here to read!

Monday, August 8th Pick: TB Rays/Toronto Blue Jays UNDER 9 runs.

Sunday, August 7th Play: Minnesota Twins +112.

Saturday, August 6th: Washington Nationals -240.

Friday, August 5th Prediction: Miami Marlins/Colorado Rockies OVER 11.5.

Thursday, August 4th MLB Pick: Los Angeles Angels -140.

Wednesday, August 3rd MLB Play: Pittsburgh Pirates/Atlanta Braves OVER 8.5.

Tuesday, August 2nd Pick: Cincinnati Reds +134. Straily is pitching lights out. Great price!

Be Careful Betting Against Struggling Pitchers - A lot of baseball bettors take short cuts when handicapping MLB games. For example, they'll see that the opposing pitcher has been struggling in recent starts and bet against him in knee-jerk fashion. That type of incomplete baseball handicapping often backfires. In this article, Loot examines the scenario of betting on a baseball game simply because one of the pitchers is stinking it up and why it doesn't work as often as you would tend to think. Click here to read!!!

Sunday, July 31st: San Francisco Giants +115

Saturday, July 30th: Baltimore Orioles +168

Friday, July 29th: Washington Nationals -150

Thursday, July 28th: Chicago Cubs-133

Wednesday, July 27th: Cleveland Indians -113

Tuesday, July 26th: Chicago Cubs -163

Monday, July 25th: Baltimore Orioles -164

The Extra Challenges of the Modern MLB Bettor - When thinking of past generations betting on Major League Baseball, it's difficult to not get a bit envious. There were no blind spots and you could use a sense of feel. Nowadays, we're betting into the dark to some extent with the specialized use of bullpens. In this article, Loot examines the landscape of betting on baseball and how it's harder today to really put your finger on a game and break it down. Click here for more!

Sunday, July 24th: Detroit Tigers +126

Saturday, July 23rd: San Diego Padres +290

Friday, July 22nd: Tampa Bay Rays -105

Thursday, July 21st: Baltimore Orioles +105

Wednesday, July 20th: Philadelphia Phillies +124

Tuesday, July 19th: Texas Rangers +104

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