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Baseball Betting

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Welcome to the Lootmeister baseball betting page. Here you'll find a comprehensive list of articles offering tips, strategy and advice that will help you better understand baseball betting and increase your odds of beating the sportsbooks! Baseball wagering is a sport that CAN be beat if you do your homework! There is no point spread involved so all you have to do is pick a winner. Since underdogs pay more than you risk, this sport offers a rare commodity in that you can actually hit less than 50% of your picks correctly and still turn a nice profit! Enjoy the following articles!

How to Judge a Player's Batting Average - For some who didn't grow up watching the game, the concept of batting average might be a statistic that isn't completely understood. The standards for players can vary and it's not an ironclad indicator of effectiveness. At the same time, it's the most accessible stat and one of the more identifiable ones. In this article, Loot breaks down all the ins and out with batting averages, while offering some general guidelines and historical perspective.

Be Careful Betting Against Struggling Pitchers - In Major League Baseball betting, there are no short-cuts to success. One typical short-cut that bettors take is when they see a pitcher has been getting hammered as of late. Without even really handicapping any other aspects of the game, a bettor will often just blindly bet against that pitcher. It's really remarkable how little success this type of bet brings over the long-haul. In this article, Loot explains why, while also imparting the wisdom that nothing is as easy as it looks in MLB wagering. Click here to read!

When Reputation Exceeds Merit - Once a team, pitcher, or hitter develops a good reputation over the course of years, it can get into our system in a major way. And it makes it so we are slow to acknowledge the inevitable deterioration or when the cycle simply changes. The bookie can make a lot of money in that small window where reputation no longer matches the merit. Click here and let Loot break down how we can't be slow on the trigger when recognizing the gap between reputation and merit.

Baseball Betting Rules - Before you partake in baseball gambling, we advise that you read this article to avoid disputes you may have in situations such as pitching changes and rainouts and how these situations affect sides, totals and runline wagers. If you're betting on major league baseball games, it's bound to happen sooner or later and you'll find the answers here.

Dealing With Odds - Loot points out that baseball betting is unique in that unlike other sports, you're not having to cover a point spread. He also compares and contrasts betting underdogs vs. favorites urging readers to stick with the dogs because favorites force you to hit unrealistic winning percentages and with underdogs you can actually hit less than 50% of your picks correctly and still turn a profit.

Baseball Betting For Beginners - Don't be a sucker! Wagering on bases is much more difficult than it looks! You need to read this article to build the proper foundation to sustain longetivity. Odds will eat you alive if you're not familiar with how they work. Bet a -280 favorite and lose, you will need to win 3 times in a row just to break even. Don't play the chase game that so many get sucked into. Read this article and get sharp!

Why People Bet on Baseball - Loot explores all of the reasons why people bet on baseball games. If you read between the lines, you can pick up some tips to add to your baseball handicapping arsenal!

Baseball Moneyline to Percentages Conversion Chart - Most baseball gamblers don't have a clue of the logistics that go along with betting on baseball. Do you realize that if you bet on a game at -200 odds, that you have to win that play 67% of the time? How many MLB teams win 67% of their games? NOT MANY! Know the percentages and the breakeven points before eating the chalk! (Playing big favorites)

You Should Be Betting Dimelines - If you're regularly placing bets on Major League Baseball games, you better be betting into a dimeline or you're wasting a TON of money. Don't know what a dime line is? No sweat. Loot explains all here as well as where you can find one! It will literally save you thousands of dollars over time!

Preseason MLB Wagering - Most bettors don't even consider betting on pre-season games due to all of the unknown variables that the games present. This isn't always the case though, as Loot points out.

Early Season Baseball Betting - Loot cautions readers about jumping in too deep prior to their being enough stats to go off of which can lead you into a situation of chasing losses and a depleted bankroll.

Important Variables to Keep in Mind - Loot points out that even the best MLB teams only win 60% of their games and the best hitters fail to get on base via the hit 70% of the time. He also makes note of an often overlooked variable in baseball betting: The Juice. It's imperative that you're not getting sucked into bad odds otherwise you're fighting a battle that you're not going to win.

MLB Betting: Sticking to a Plan - Loot gives advice based on experience; that you need to stick to a plan otherwise you're doomed for failure. Betting on sports is a venture filled with highs and lows. It's imperative that you exercise proper money management in order to beat the grind.

Considerations Specific to Baseball Betting - This sport is different than most in that there is no point spread to deal with. Odds do indeed come into play as you risk more for bigger favorites, however, the cool thing about baseball betting is that it's rare in that both you and the team you're wagering on share the common goal of winning the game straight up by one point (run in this case.)

The Beauty of Betting Baseball Underdogs - Loot talks about what might quite possibly be the most overlooked fact in sports betting... That you can show a profit betting on MLB games by hitting less than 50% of your wagers correctly. This is due to the fact that a winning underdog wager pays out more than the risked amount.

Understanding Baseball Runlines - With a fairly good percentage of games ending in 1 run margins, a runline bet can be a really good play on a favorite that has a high percentage of winning as it lowers the odds on the play making it a cheaper and more attractive proposition.

Baseball Betting Systems - Loot gives a bunch of reasons why MLB betting systems don't work and advises that the only way to beat the sportsbooks is to do your homework and handicap the games. What happened yesterday isn't any indication of what is going to happen today. Believe it!

Baseball Futures Bets - When it comes to MLB betting, these wagers offer the best bang for the buck. You can get down on a futures bet for as little as one dollar. The payouts are huge (when it comes to return on investment) but of course come with slim odds of picking correctly. This is a great option for a recreational bettor who wants to have some long terms action and something to root for all season while having very little risk.

The Danger of Betting MLB Favorites - Plain and simple... betting on nothing but favorites is a sure fire recipe for failure. It's tough to bet on a team that isn't as good (on paper) as their opponent. Look at the records though! The good teams and bad teams are only separated by a hanful of wins!

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Baseball Betting

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