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Welcome to Loot's boxing betting tips page! Here you'll find a collection of articles that offer tips, strategies and insights that will increase your odds of winning your boxing wagers. A well prepared gambler is a winning gambler! Please bookmark our site and check back often as we're constantly adding new information! Enjoy!

Key Gambling Tips - Becoming a winner in boxing betting is by no means easy. It takes a lot of experience and know-how. And some of those techniques take a lot of time and a lot of struggle to develop. While there are no short-cuts in boxing betting, Loot is going to try to give our readers a short-cut of sorts, as he unveils some of the signature techniques he employs when trying to beat the bookie when betting on the Sweet Science. Have a peek!

Knowing the Different Weight Classes - The world of boxing is organized in a bit of a dizzying way. Over the years, more and more divisions have been added to the mix. It's a lot for fans to keep track of. Many fans can't even tell you the weight limit in some divisions with there being so many weight classes. In this article, Loot helps us understand the landscape of all of boxing's different divisions. Check it out!

Over-Emphasizing Offense - It's easy to see why boxing bettor, by in large, are too focused on offense when evaluating fights. Looking at boxing as an offensive sport is something we've been taught to do. It's what gets the blood pumping. Crowds don't go crazy over good footwork or deft defensive maneuvers. At the same time, it's those finer points that often decide the results of fights at a high level. Click here, as Loot helps coax us to move a bit away from a sheer offensive assessment when breaking down a fight.

When a Good Sign Might Be a Bad Sign - When we handicap a boxing match, it's quite normal for us to list what positive attributes each fighter has. The only problem is when we do that with a fighter we are betting and those assets turn out to become liabilities. It's frustrating when what we thought was a plus turns into a minus. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the more common traits that we consider positive where there may be a flip-side to that coin. Click here to read!

When Reputation Exceeds Performance - In a sport like boxing, a fighter will often times develop a reputation that will live on, even after that fighter has begun to erode. When we get hypnotized by a fighter's rep, we can often times be led astray or be on the receiving end of poor betting value. In this article, Loot breaks down this dynamic and stresses the need for us boxing bettors to not be swayed by a fighter's reputation. Click here!

Fighters Who are Easier to Rob - It can a bitter pill to swallow to beautifully handicap a fight, only to have a bad decision spoil everything. And unfortunately, this is the kind of thing that happens in the sport of boxing. Believe it or not, there is actually a defense against bad decisions, as all of them are not all that hard to see coming. In this article, Loot tells us what to look out for to better insulate yourself from bad decisions in the sport of boxing. Click here to read!

A Word About Underdogs (And Losing) - When we bet on boxing, we don't merely pick fighters we think will win. The goal is to find fighters whose betting value exceeds their actual probabilities to win the fight. That means we will betting on a lot of underdog fighters. Furthermore, it means we may lose bets and sometimes in bunches. In this article, Loot helps explain the lay of the land, offering tips and outlooks to help us brave the cold stretches while remaining patient for the eventual windfall. Click here!

Handicapping the Situation - There have been many times when we've bet on a fight, only to see that handicapping the fighters wasn't enough. We need to look in between the lines and search for situational aspects that could play a key role in the result. In this article, Loot breaks down some of the other things to consider when handicapping a boxing match beyond simply the skills of the fighters themselves. Click here!

Handicapping Older Fighters - Nowadays in boxing, we are often confronted with a unique handicapping dilemma when an older fighter takes on an opponent whomight be young enough to be his son. In this article, Loot breaks down the different considerations we need to make when betting on a fighter who might be at the end of the line or just might have some magic left in his old bones.

Overlooked Parts of Boxing Betting - It's easy to get stuck when betting on boxing, as we sometimes fall into a pattern of considering the same things over and over when picking a winner in a boxing match. In this article, Loot explores some different things for us to consider when handicapping a fight. Click here for more!

Reduced Confidence in the Market - In this article, Loot breaks down how boxing has gone from the most popular betting sport to more of a niche attraction. In addition, Loot breaks down how some of the things that prevent people from betting on boxing aren't really as big of a problem as some make it out to be. Click here to get the lowdown!

Being Swayed By Announcers - It's not uncommon for announcers to get things wrong when calling a boxing match. As they try to do all the things that announcers need to do, they also try to judge the fight. And sometimes, they can get it wrong. And a lot of times, if we bet on a fighter that the announcers think got robbed, we'll sign off on that notion. Read here why announcers are not always on-target when judging a bout and how we need to be guided by our own observations.

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