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All the Different Bets (An Overview, Part II)

College Football Betting: All the Different Bets (An Overview, Part 2)

By Loot, College Football Handicapper, Lootmeister,com

Halftime Bets: With halftime bets, the first half and the final score are not pertinent to the result of your bet. You are merely concerned about the events contained within the second half and that includes overtimes. You can bet on sides or totals. This allows you to see how a game is going before dipping your toe into the pool. In addition, there are soft second-half lines and totals, being that the bookie usually can't watch all the games on the board.

Prop Bets: Prop bets are when you bet on events that happen within the game. You are not betting on which team will cover the spread, but wagering on sub-results within the main result. During the college football regular season or even in some lower-end bowl games, prop bets can be hard to find at some books. But their popularity has increased over time. You can bet on different aspects of the game, namely individual performances, like how many yards a QB will throw for or which running back will run for more yards. They can come in the over/under or match-up format.

Futures Bets: Futures bets are when you wager on events that lie months in the future. The most popular of these bets is who will be the BCS Champion. These bets are available throughout the season, as the odds move according to the results of the regular season. But some books have been getting more detailed in the futures bets offered in college football. The one downfall to these types of bets is that they tie your money up for a long time. Not to mention that they force you to be a fortune teller. Picking a game right against the spread is hard enough.

"If" Bets: The word "if" is the key. You make 2 straight bets, in essence, but you can only bet the second game if the first one wins. So you take Oklahoma State -9 and USC -5.5. Let's use the $110 example. You make a $110 "if" bet, which basically means you bet $110 on Oklahoma State and "if" they win, you then bet the same amount on USC. But if Oklahoma State bet is a losing wager, you lose the whole bet. It doesn't matter what happens in the USC game. If both win, you win $200 because you basically won $100 twice. The one drawback is that it becomes critical to decide which team to put first. It doesn't have to reflect which game ends first. The second part of the bet can technically end before the first one does, but it all depends on what happens in the first game you listed on your wager.

Reverse Bets: An alternative to "if" bets if you don't want to sweat which team to put first. In a reverse, you are making what basically amounts to two "if" bets. But rather than being listed with only one team first, a reverse is two "if" bets that "reverses" the order of the two games. So in the above example with Oklahoma State and USC, you would have two separate "if" bets--one with Oklahoma State listed first and the other with USC on top. Therefore, if you split, you will get at least some money back regardless of which of the two teams lost. It's a way to make an "if" bet without dealing with the pointlessness of listing a team first.


Round Robin Bets: Have you ever made a bunch of parlays and had a good overall record, but always had one loser on each ticket? Round Robins might be for you. You pick a certain amount of teams you want on the parlay, then designate how many teams you want on each parlay. For example, if you want to play 6 teams in all possible combinations on a two-team parlay, that would be 15 different possible combinations. A $100 round robin would cost $1500. You would then have 15 separate 2-team parlays with all the different combinations of the 6 teams you included. You can use as many as 8 teams, with 3 being the minimum. And the parlays can be anywhere from 2 to 6-team plays.

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