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2017 National League Season Wins Totals Bets

2017 National League Season Wins Totals Bets

By Loot, MLB Handicapper,

MLB team wins totals bets pack a punch. We endorse making bets like season wins totals bets on baseball teams. It really gives you a long-lasting stake, as you are invested in a team's every game over the course of the entire 2017 MLB regular season. Making NL team wins bets gives you a stake on a team in every game throughout the long MLB regular season. They put totals on NL teams and you simply forecast whether they will go over/under that amount. Season wins totals allow your observations on the game to resound, as perhaps you have a read on some different teams around the league. NL team season wins totals allow you to use that insight in a real way. Here are all the NL team totals, along with NL team wins odds and our picks on whether these teams will go over or under their projected number of wins.

Team: Arizona Diamondbacks
Total: 77.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Over. The Diamondbacks have cause for optimism with AJ Pollock coming back from injury to give the lineup a boost, among other positive developments. Look for a bounce-back season from Greinke, with some growth in the rotation behind him. The addition of Fernando Rodney could also help. I can see Arizona flirting with a .500 record in the stacked NL West.

Team: Atlanta Braves
Total: 73.5 (Under +120, Over -150)
Pick and Analysis: Over. Opening a new ballpark with an improved roster should see the Braves continue on the success they started to build at the end of last season. They were 20-10 in their last 30, tied with Boston with the MLB's best record in that period. Sure, the big additions to their rotation in Bartolo Colon and RA Dickey are a combined 318 years old, but it seems like the stars should line up for 75 or so wins.

Team: Chicago Cubs
Total: 95.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Under. Yes, they're a great team and it may have been a few years since you felt this strongly about a team repeating. Still, it's unusual to see a team put the pedal to the metal a season following a championship. They've won 200 regular season games in the last two seasons and might still be the best team, which makes "over" seem like a conclusion that is arrived at a little too conveniently.

Team: Cincinnati Reds
Total: 70.5 (Under -130, Over +100)
Pick and Analysis: Over. After a 68-win season last year, we think they've bolstered their lineup and bullpen enough to extract 3 more wins out of 162 games this year. The starting rotation is a major possible hindrance to this bet, but they've quietly improved and could be on the right track.

Team: Colorado Rockies
Total: 80.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Over. Definitely an intriguing team for those looking for potential dark-horses. They are in a tough division and haven't surpassed 80 wins in six seasons and only three times since 2000, but things are looking up for the Rockies. A talented lineup is now accompanied by a rotation that has some options and a bullpen that might cease being a roadblock to victory. We see .500 being realistic for this team in '17.

Team: Los Angeles Dodgers
Total: 93.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Under. It's worth noting that the Dodgers have surpassed this posted total of wins just once during their current 4-year run as NL West champs and that was with 94 wins in '14. There are no guarantees in this division and you can call it merely a hunch, but we're going "under."

Team: Miami Marlins
Total: 76.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Over. They won 79 last season and didn't see a ton of things go their way, mainly from an injury standpoint. They finished badly after flirting with the postseason and while a playoff run could be out of reach, we see them ironing out issues in the rotation enough to perhaps flirt with a .500 mark again in '17.


Team: Milwaukee Brewers
Total: 69.5 (Under +100, Over -130)
Pick and Analysis: Under. We're taking the nice price on under, thinking the 2017 Brewers will be more about putting themselves in a position to win in the future than worrying too much about wins this season. They showed some pep at the end of last season and could surprise. We're honestly not too excited about this one, with too many variables to control.

Team: New York Mets
Total: 88.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Over. The Mets are packed with power, both on the mound and at the plate. After 87 wins last season, this number is likely going to be close to their final total this season. I see things shaking out a little better this season for the Mets en route to about 90 wins. This one's a toughie.

Team: Philadelphia Phillies
Total: 73.5 (Under +100, Over -130)
Pick and Analysis: Under. While we do believe the Phillies are getting closer to the cycle coming around again, they will need a lot of prospects to hit the ground running to make a dent this season. There are just too many issues in the rotation, bullpen, and lineup and we see 74 wins as being at the high end of the range for Philadelphia this season.

Team: Pittsburgh Pirates
Total: 82.5 (Under +100, Over -130)
Pick and Analysis: Under. The Pirates finished last season with a thud en route to a letdown 78-win season, which followed a 98-win season the season before. They lost some steam in the bullpen and while a lot went wrong last season, we see a mark above .500 as being a bit on the optimistic side for the Bucs.

Team: San Diego Padres
Total: 66.5 (Under -130, Over +100)
Pick and Analysis: Under. The Padres have been downward trending for a few years now having not cracked 76 wins since 2010 and bottoming out with 68 last season. A few exciting prospects aside, it's unclear how they improved on that 2016 form. Their rotation could be borderline comical and the bullpen may follow suit. It might be a 100-loss season for the Pads.

Team: San Francisco Giants
Total: 88.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Over. With 87 wins in 2015, the Giants have actually not surpassed 88 wins in the last 4 seasons, including their World Series title of 2014. Their starting rotation and defense are among the league's best and they've retained a lot of their championship core. They got a little bump in the bullpen and the timing looks right for the Giants to make a serious run in this division.


Team: St. Louis Cardinals
Total: 84.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Over. For the last several seasons, the Cardinals have been all over the map—88 wins in 2012 to 97 wins in 2013 to 90 in 2014 to 100 in 2015 and back to 86 last season. The total of 84.5 suggests the down-cycle in full-swing. Pitching was a big part of last season's equation, but we see some things going better than forecasted for the Cardinals, who should at least hold pat from last season.

Team: Washington Nationals
Total: 90.5 (Under -115, Over -115)
Pick and Analysis: Over. Granted, the Nationals have struggled in recent seasons in delivering on the hype, they did win 95 last season and that was with their star defending MVP Bryce Harper having an awful season. With some extra juice in the lineup with a Harper upswing, the addition of Adam Eaton and Matt Wieters, and perhaps the growth of someone like Trea Turner could make the Nationals scary this season.

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