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Welcome to Loot's page on MMA betting! Here you'll find a comprehensive listing of MMA gambling articles that are sure to increase your winning percentage and chances of beating the bookies! Loot covers all major sports but is an absolute freak when it comes to mixed martial arts and fighting of any kind for that matter. Winning at MMA betting can be done! You have to do your homework though! Read the articles below and turn wagering into investing! Enjoy!

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Timing an Upset Pick - To succeed in MMA betting, picking underdogs needs to be a big part of our profile. We often see that the general perceptions are wrong or at least slow to adapt to changing conditions. And just when looking at the sport's history, we see that the upsets come fast and furious in this sport. In this article, Loot alerts us to the propensity of upsets in mixed martial arts and what we can do time it better. Take a look!

The Appeal of MMA Betting - In sports betting, we usually bet on teams against teams, where there are a mind-numbing amount of variables to take into consideration. There is something to be said for the purity and simplicity of betting on two fighters going mano-a-mano. It's one on one and for some people, it holds tremendously more appeal when stripped down to an individual going against another individual. In this article, Loot breaks down the main reasons some view MMA betting as the purest form of sports betting.

Wagering on Moderate Underdogs - If you're going to be a successful MMA bettor, underdogs will need to be a big part of your diet. It can be hard to determine which underdogs are more worthwhile when considering a bet. In this article, Loot extolls the virtue of the moderate underdog, a fighter who perhaps has just not been noticed yet. Loot will show you how to better hone in on the underdogs that are really worth betting. Take a peek!

The Zen of MMA Wagering - When you see those who are most successful at any form of sports betting, you will see intelligent, patient, calculating, and clinical people. They don't care about "action." They are like snipers, picking off winners here and there, only when a proposition meets their high standards. Most MMA bettors know they should be that way, but decide to opt to bet as a way of entertainment. If you want to increase the seriousness of your betting and be more like the high-level thinkers in the biz, click here for some tips!

Good and Bad Signs With Unknown Fighters - What do we do when betting on a fight where one of the fighters is not really a known commodity? There will be things to look for, if you know what they are and how to interpret it. In this article, Loot profiles some of the positive signs that a fighter is ready for the big-time, while also examining some of the negative signs to look out for as we handicap the match. Click here to read!

Underrated Parts of MMA Wagering - Loot asks readers to look beyond knockouts and submissions. He notes that big value is found in fighters who can kick it into another gear and that display insistence.

Picking Winners vs. Picking Good Value - In this article, readers can learn how being good at figuring out who will win an MMA fight is useless unless the bettor has a firm understanding of the mathematics and probabilities that govern MMA wagering. Learn more here!

The Danger of Betting 3 Round MMA Fights - Loot gives insight on the downside of betting 3 round bouts and stresses the importance of having capable judges to avoid a bad final decision on who wins the fight.

Betting on Overseas Cards - You don't want to put too much weight into it, but it surely could be said that there is a "home octagon advantage" for some fighters in some venues. A mixed martial artist is surely more comfortable in his own environment. A fighter can thrive off of the rowdy cheering of his home crowd and the judges can even be influenced by this variable. Loot advises readers to take this variable into consideration, but not to put too much weight into.

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MMA Betting

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